Successfully marketing your small business requires understanding which types of marketing content resonate the most with today’s consumers. For example, research shows that video content is becoming increasingly popular. 

One study indicates that 83% of consumers would consider sharing relevant video content with others. Video content also allows you to share a lot of information with leads in a short span of time, connect with them emotionally, and demonstrate your products and services.

These are all reasons you should consider launching YouTube marketing campaigns when growing your small business. However, even if you understand the value of video marketing, you might not think you have the budget for it.

Producing videos tends to cost more than producing other types of ad content. As a small business owner, your budget may already be tight. It can be hard to justify spending the little money you have on costly video marketing campaigns.

These are understandable and natural concerns. However, there are ways to create truly impressive video ads without spending more than you can afford. Consider the following tips:

Focus on providing value

The types of videos you want your audience to see will depend on the types of products and services you offer. That said, in many cases, it’s possible to film inexpensive videos that stand out not because they’re visually dynamic, but because they offer valuable content to your leads.

For example, maybe you’re selling a line of apparel. A short video sharing tips on how to create fun outfits with your products is something you could theoretically film in your own home or office with just yourself and a camera. If the tips you share are valuable, leads may overlook the fact that the video doesn’t look like a Hollywood production.

Use the right tools

You don’t need to invest in professional-level filmmaking equipment to make professional-quality videos. For instance, using the apps like FilmIC Pro, filmmakers have recently shot major motion pictures on their smartphones. With the right app and perhaps a few more add-ons, such as an external microphone, you can turn your smartphone into a powerful movie-making machine.

Use stock footage

At least some of your footage or animation should be original when you create video ads for YouTube. You want to ensure your authentic brand stands out.

However, you can give your videos a professional look without spending much money by using stock footage. Just as there are many companies offering low-cost stock photos to business owners and marketers, there are also numerous companies providing inexpensive stock footage featuring incredible shots you could capture on your own.

Some stock footage is even free! However, if you use stock footage, be sure to thoroughly review the usage rights and restrictions before incorporating it into your ads. You want to be sure you’re not violating the terms of use.

Use PowerPoint

Videos don’t have to be live-action to make an impression on leads! In many instances, an animated video can be just as effective as a live-action one. With an animated video, you may not have to hire many actors, which will of course help you save money.

You can even make a video with PowerPoint if you simply want to share some basic but valuable info with potential customers. Theoretically, a PowerPoint video could be made on a zero-dollar budget if you already have the program installed.

Seriously consider these points if you’re trying to grow any type of small business. Research consistently shows that video is playing an increasingly crucial role in marketing strategies. 

As these tips prove, you can take advantage of this trend, even if you don’t have a lot of extra cash.