If you’ve decided to upgrade your bean bag experience and purchase a high-quality bean bag chair, you’ll probably end up narrowing your choices down to Yogibo and Moon Pod. These two brands represent the cream of the crop of bean bag chairs, but it’s important to realize that there are differences between the two that can tip one in favor of the other. In fact, in the battle of Yogibo vs Moon Pod, a single difference can help make your decision about which one to buy.

Comfort Level

Comfort is of prime concern when you’re purchasing a bean bag chair. After all, if it isn’t comfortable to sit in or lie on, why bother getting it at all? Both the Moon Pod and the Yogibo are comfortable, which is one main reason why they’re at the top of the industry. However, they are each comfortable in their own way. For instance, the Moon Pod is more comfortable to sit in than the Yogibo because you don’t need a support behind it when you’re sitting. The Moon Pod can sit up on its own, which makes it more comfortable for gaming, watching television, and working on a laptop.

Conversely, the Yogibo is more comfortable when lying down because it’s longer. Your feet won’t hang off the end of the Yogibo, but they probably will if you’re lying on a Moon Pod. This means that with the Yogibo, every part of your body will have the ideal amount of support, while your feet will remain unsupported on the Moon Pod. 


This brings us to another significant difference between the Yogibo and Moon Pod: size. The Yogibo Max is large enough for several people to use at one time, and as mentioned above, just about anyone can lie down on a Yogibo and have all parts of their body properly supported. The Moon Pod will work just fine for an individual, especially if they want to use it as a chair, but it is significantly smaller than the Yogibo. Moreover, if you’re a large person, it’s important to know that the Moon Pod has a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds, whereas the Yogibo has no weight limit at all.


With prices of all goods going up these days, you’re probably trying to save money wherever you can, so when you’re looking at buying a bean bag chair, price will likely be a critical factor in your decision. Despite its larger size, the Yogibo is cheaper than the Moon Pod, and many other zero gravity chairs, which means overall, you’re getting more for less if you purchase a Yogibo. This is not an indication of quality, though, as both bean bag chairs are made from superior materials and will withstand normal wear and tear, even if it’s from your kids.


When it comes right down to it, the choice between the Yogibo and Moon Pod should be based on what you intend to use your bean bag chair for. If you’re going to be gaming, choose the Moon Pod. If you weigh over 300 pounds or want multiple people to be able to use the chair, the Yogibo is the superior option. Either way, you’ll be pleased with the quality of your purchase.