Are you thinking about booking a vacation, but not sure where you want to go? Learn the best type of vacation for you based on your zodiac sign here.

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We’ve all been there—you sit at work stressing over a pile of paperwork, thinking “I could really use a vacation right now.” But not all vacations end up being relaxing. In fact, 55% of people return to work feeling more stressed than they were before their trip.

Vacation stress can come from a myriad of places, such as poor planning, unforeseen costs, or the location just not living up to your expectations. So, one of the best things to do to ensure your stress levels stay low is to plan the right type of vacation for your personality.

And your zodiac sign can help you do just that!

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to discover your ideal vacation based on your zodiac sign.


If there’s one thing all Aries have in common, it’s their need for adventure. An Aries would likely feel bored in destinations designed for relaxing on the beach and getting pampered in the resort’s spa.

Instead, consider going somewhere with tons of things to keep you busy. If you’re in peak physical fitness, you can’t go wrong with a trip to Vietnam.

Here, you can trek through the world’s largest cave, Hang Son Doong. It’s so big that it has its own localized weather system! Costa Rica and Colorado are also great options as there are plenty of chances to go hiking and explore the area.


On the complete opposite side of the spectrum is Taurus. Unlike Aries, a Taurus loves relaxing and rejuvenating vacations. And with your strong work ethic, you deserve a little R&R!

Consider visiting one of the many islands in the Caribbean. Start your days with a yoga session before finding a nice spot to sunbathe on the white-sand beaches. Snorkeling and spa treatments are among some of the best activities you can do while on vacay.


Geminis are constantly thirsty for knowledge. When it comes to picking the right vacation, look into places with a lot of cultural and historical attractions.

Athens, Greece is an amazing location for this. You can see the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the Temple of Olympian Zeus as well as walk through various museums. Egypt is another great place as you can explore the pyramids and see the Great Sphinx of Giza.


Cancers tend to value peace and nature. So, what better place to vacation than one that’s surrounded by the beauty of Mother Nature?

The natural shorelines of Cape Cod may be calling your name. Plus, who could resist the chance to go whale watching? Another amazing option is biking through Holland’s countryside when the tulips are in full bloom.


There’s no denying the fiery spirit that lives within a Leo. Focus on destinations that are lively and active to meet your energy.

London is a great option. There’s amazing nightlife and plenty of things to do during the day. Consider spending a day just walking down the streets and doing whatever catches your eye to play with your spontaneous side.


Much like Cancers, Virgos love the raw, untouched beauty of Mother Nature. Try to avoid big cities, and go camping instead.

The Great Smoky Mountains, in particular, can be an amazing trip. You can go horseback riding, birdwatching, and hiking. If you want a bit of a daring activity mixed in, consider going white water rafting.


Unlike Virgos, a Libra would thrive in the city due to their sociable nature. Of course, not every city will give you that interaction you want.

Canada and Portugal are both known for being friendly. Vacationing in one of these locations means you’ll be able to chat with locals and learn more about the area. Follow your daily horoscope while on vacation to get a better sense of where you should go to meet the best people and enjoy yourself.


Scorpios love to challenge themselves whenever possible. So, any destination that will get you out of your comfort zone is ideal.

Iceland, New Zealand, and South Africa are among the best destinations as they’re jam-packed with activities that are designed to help you push yourself. You could go ice climbing in Iceland, zorbing in New Zealand, or cage diving with sharks in South Africa, just to name a few.


One defining characteristic of a Sagittarius is their curious nature. So, be sure to choose a vacation destination with plenty to do.

Tokyo, in particular, is a great option as it’s full of unique activities that are sure to inspire your curiosity. Try real life Mario karting through downtown Tokyo and then eat at one of their various themed cafes afterward.


Overspending can be a huge source of stress for a Capricorn due to their practical nature. So, make sure you choose a budget-friendly destination.

What could possibly be more budget-friendly then camping in your local national or state park? You can go stargazing, fishing in the lake and birdwatching—all completely free activities! If you want to travel abroad, focus on Southeast Asia as you can often find the best deals here.


As an Aquarius, you probably have unique interests and a real passion for exploring them. So, your ideal vacation will vary based on what you’re interested in.

However, Los Angeles is always a great choice. There are tons of quirky attractions and museums, like the Museum of Death and the California Institute of Abnormal Arts, so you’re sure to find plenty of things to keep you busy.


Pisces are dreamers. And, as the sign of the fish, they love being by the water. So, when looking for ideal vacations, choose a dreamy island getaway.

A trip to Hawaii will give you plenty of opportunities to explore waterfalls and snorkel with gorgeous marine life. Of course, nothing is dreamier than those white sand beaches. The Bahamas and Fiji are also great locations that will let you relax and feel like you’re floating on cloud nine.

Best Type of Vacation for Each Zodiac Sign

Don’t settle for a vacation that doesn’t match your personality. Instead, follow the guide above to choose the best type of vacation based on your zodiac sign. You’ll be sure to have a blast and come back feeling relaxed.

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