Approximately 36 percent of all practicing lawyers in the United States are female attorneys. The number of women in law has continuously risen over the decade. Women make up approximately 25 percent of corporate legal teams. Data like this shows that women have a growing influence in courtrooms across the country. 

Women who take up law are constantly challenged to accomplish way more than is required of their male counterparts to prove themselves worthy of the career. According to a survey by the American Bar Association, female lawyers are way more likely to be mistaken for other courtroom personnel than their male counterparts are. 

Women in law have less access to prime job assignments. They are more likely to get interrupted and be tasked to attend to office “housework.” However, today, there is a large number of legal practices with a large number of women on their team. If you’re looking for a good attorney team such as this Lakeland personal injury lawyer, don’t make your decision based on gender; instead, look at the qualifications of the firm. 

The History of Women in Law

The history of women within the legal vocation offers a vantage point through which we can view the progression of women in society. The first woman to get admitted to the American Bar Association (ABA) did so in 1918. The first generation of female attorneys experienced a rocky road, from token representation to working in trenches to finally attaining a numerical parity in law school admissions in the 2000s.

The legal occupation is among the most potent, respected, and well-remunerated practices in the world. The progress of women in law is viewed as an emblem of progress in many cultures. 

Women and Their Knowledge of Law

As much as women have practiced as attorneys for over one-hundred years, they still deal with strong headwinds that come with the male-dominated practice. The legal occupation remains tough on women as they face a lot of professional and social pressure directed at them. Women attorneys frequently have their abilities, knowledge, demeanor, and attire challenged in ways that none of their male colleagues would neither experience nor need to tolerate. 

As a result of the constant barriers, only female attorneys with exceptional dedication remain in the profession. In court, you’ll find that the female lawyers will often have a more excellent grasp of the law than their opposing male counsel due to the intense pressure they face. Due to these expectations, women in law tend to rise above their male colleagues.

Women in Their Legal Practice

Only approximately 5 percent of divorce cases go to trial. A majority of divorce cases settle through negotiations between the spouses’ attorneys. While there is an importance to hiring attorneys that vigorously advocate for you, it’s essential to pick one that is amiable. An amiable attorney can get along with other attorneys.

Female attorneys flourish in any association. Women in law tend to be exceptionally social and interact well with their colleagues. The often interactive character of female lawyers makes it a lot easier for them to get a fair settlement out of the opposing lawyer. 

Many cases taken to law firms began by trying to get settlements. From company law cases, family law issues, plea deals in criminal law, and settlements in environmental law, the list is endless. Seeking a female attorney for any case where settlement would be a great option will work out to your advantage. 

Female Attorneys

As much as we would like to speak of women in law without talking about the gender barriers, and as much as we would like to think that gender doesn’t have a bearing on our professional success, it would be an ignorant assumption to make in the legal profession. Fortunately, this harsh reality has sharpened the women that choose to still venture into law. Women in law are a community of knowledgeable, confident, and persevering professionals. We can confidently say that you stand a too high chance of succeeding in your suit when in the hands of a woman in law.