When travelling to Atlanta you might be on the fence about how to get around. There are a lot of moving parts involved when deciding on your transportation needs, like how many people are in your group or the luxuries you’re hoping for.

Even though there are several options your best bet is to utilize an Atlanta charter bus service if you are travelling with a large group. Charter buses offer freedom, luxury, and comfort and other transportation options just can’t compare. Here’s what you need to know about why you should hire an charter bus for your group trip to and through Atlanta.

Charter buses are actually the most affordable option for group travel

When researching charter bus company prices and packages you might be a little bit overwhelmed by the number behind the dollar sign. Hiring an entire private bus for your group isn’t cheap when you think in terms of the total cost.

But you need to remember that a charter bus holds 50+ people, so that total will be divided among passengers. Travelling by a private bus is actually the most affordable way to get from one point to another. The price will be determined by the distance you travel and the luxuriousness of the bus.

Charter buses are safe

Hiring a charter bus means that you’ll be provided with a skilled and experienced driver who cares about your safety first and foremost. Before being hired by the company the driver typically has to perform a background check and series of driving tests.

Safety checks are performed on every charter bus before each long journey to avoid breakdowns or engine troubles along the way. Another perk of travelling by bus is that it is more intimidating to thieves. A criminal is more likely to rob your car then they are to rob a large professional-looking bus.

They provide tons of amenities and luxuries

Not every charter bus is as luxurious as the next but there are some on the market in Atlanta that offer top-of-the line amenities and services. All charter buses come equipped with a clean bathroom, reclining seats and high-power AC and heating options. You can even get onboard high-speed WiFi and personal DVD players for each passenger.

You won’t have to worry about navigating

This is one of the biggest perks to hiring a charter bus. Navigating city streets like the ones in Atlanta can become confusing and even dangerous if you aren’t a confident driver. What you thought was a 2-way is actually a 1-way and pedestrians are everywhere you look.

With a charter bus you can let your driver worry about that. Chances are he or she has better knowledge of the streets, traffic trends, and will know how to get you to your final destination more efficiently than you could.

It is more eco-friendly than other transportation options

When you look at the size of a charter bus you probably don’t automatically consider it the most environmentally friendly option. In certain situations though it is much more eco-friendly to hire a bus than to take separate cars. In 2019 buses are made with better fuel efficiency and they have fewer carbon emissions than years ago.