When people speak of the swinging lifestyle, the common belief is that the entirety of it is swapping partners for the fun of it. However, this is not a proper representation of the lifestyle. There is more to the swinging lifestyle than merely swapping partners and having random sex, there is a deeper way these people live and here we list you some things you might not know about it:

Swinging Offers People, the Opportunity of Choice

For most people, the power of choice and the availability of multiple choices is a necessary part of their existence. Strictly monogamous relationships restrict an individual’s choice of partners and this might be stifling for people who want to stay married, have a family and still have access to sex with people other than their partners. The swinging lifestyle offers a solution to this issue. This solution is found in how it permits couples to swap partners and still remain married to each other.

It Offers an Opportunity for Healthy Emotional Growth

From the formative years of a human’s existence, jealousy is slowly introduced. This could be introduced through attachment to a parent, a guardian or an older one and not learning that sharing is alright. This attachment raises selfish people who get so possessive, sometimes to the point of obsession. Obsession is unhealthy both to the person being obsessed and the recipient of the obsession. It could lead to dangerous actions and behaviors. Opening one’s self up to the idea of swinging is helpful in unlearning jealousy and possessiveness and growing emotionally.

It Offers a Boost in the Sex Lives of Couples and Facilitates Better Communication

Swapping partners comes with the added advantage of exploring new things sexually, for example new sex positions or trying items from adult toy stores that can make their intimate life more interesting and passionate. Couples can explore the new things they learnt through swapping with their partners so they can improve their sex lives. Also, because everyone has to be in agreement when engaging in the swinging lifestyle, couples tend to communicate more and express themselves better.

Lasting Friendships Often Blossom Through Swinging

Since swinging is not just about swapping partners for mindless sex, it involves forming connections. Beyond engaging in anonymous sex with people who a couple might never see again, swinging offers the option of picking another swinger couple and establishing a lasting friendship with that couple. Two couples can decide to establish an immensely rewarding and life changing friendship born from swapping partners.

It Offers People a Community of Loved Ones to Offer Them Support

Love is an essential part of life and everyone needs love. For some people, the love of just one person is not enough to get them through trying times. They need to be part of a community of loved ones supporting them and buoying them on to successfully go through tough times. The swinging lifestyle offers this benefit as it allows for couples who swap partners to form emotional connections with each other. This provides a huge circle of comfort and support for any of them going through trying times.

The swinging lifestyle offers lots of exciting possibilities beyond merely swapping partners, and if you feel like monogamy isn’t for you, you might want to look into this.