Becoming a healthcare administrator is one of the best ways to combine managerial and administrative skills to improve patient outcomes. With some experience in healthcare, a master’s degree, and the right motivation, you could take advantage of the increasing demand for healthcare administrators in many different settings. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are also scrambling to keep the qualified candidates they have because there is so much demand and so few healthcare administrators. Below, we will look at more reasons why you should seriously consider a career in healthcare administration.

High Demand

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are turning to customer-focused healthcare. This transition will require healthcare administrators who have excellent management to steer the healthcare system in the right direction and enable a perfect transition.

Another reason why healthcare administrators are in such high demand is because healthcare facilities need them to simplify and organize functions that enable healthcare workers to meet the growing demand for preventative treatments and care. 

Lastly, the older generation is expanding and as it does, there will be a growing need for healthcare administrators who can put strategies in place to better cater to them. Healthcare facilities that can cater to the needs of the expanding older generation will come out on top.

Lots of Career Opportunities

Healthcare administration is a very wide field with lots of different career options in one of the largest industries in the world. It is estimated that healthcare employs 11 million people in the United States with a large percentage of jobs in the private sector coming from the healthcare industry over the past few years. All these jobs need people to supervise them which opens opportunities for healthcare administrators.

Because healthcare administration jobs are so varied, it is easy to find employment in several areas including hospitals, doctor offices, private healthcare settings, or even nursing homes. Healthcare administrators can also work in the pharmaceutical industry, with the government, or take on consultation roles.

To take advantage of the different career opportunities that exist, practicing healthcare professionals should take the opportunity to further their education. An MBA with a concentration in Health Care Management is a great option as it lets you choose the path you are most comfortable with. Click here to learn why healthcare administrators are in high demand, as well as how you can customize your degree to gain the necessary skills required to thrive in a healthcare administration role.

Job Security

In a world that continues to change, job security is not guaranteed in most other industries but it is for many healthcare administrators. As discussed above, the demand for healthcare administrators is growing. In addition, the healthcare system will keep getting strained as the population ages and more people live longer.

A lot more people are also taking out medical insurance, which means healthcare facilities will need to come up with policies that will cater to this increase in demand for healthcare services. This will require managerial and administrative skills and this is where healthcare administrators come in.

You Will Make a Difference

Few people can say they are truly making a difference in the world. In your role as a healthcare administrator, you have the opportunity to craft policies that lead to better healthcare service provision and outcomes. Because of this, the decisions you make will make a huge difference in people’s lives.

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities often employ a large number of people. In your role, you will be responsible for hiring, managing, and protecting a huge portion of these people. The hiring decisions you make could change the communities around you and that rely on the healthcare facility you are responsible for.

Lastly, you will be responsible for keeping an important part of your community running. You will be responsible for the budget and smooth running of your facility, and doing a good job at both will ensure your facility can continue providing a critical and essential service to the community around it. 

Help the Community Around You

As a healthcare administrator, you will be one of your organization’s faces. Because of this, you can use your position in the organization to do a lot of good in the community around you. For example, healthcare administrators can arrange for medical camps to give free health services to the most vulnerable people in society. They could also be involved in training nurses and other healthcare professionals to improve the overall level of healthcare provided in their localities.

Better Pay

Although many healthcare professionals do not get into the field due to the opportunity to earn a high salary, it is a nice perk to have. Healthcare professionals make over $65,000 per year. The good news is that the amount of money a healthcare administrator can make will depend on their experience and the particular setting they work in. 

As healthcare professionals gain more experience, they become more valuable to the healthcare facilities they work for and thereby command a higher salary. That said, it is also possible for new hospital administrators to command a better salary than most other people they work with.

The salary you could earn will depend on the position you are in. Healthcare administrators who take on managerial positions have been known to make six figures, with some earning close to $450,000 a year. If you hold an administrative role, your salary might be slightly lower.

Help Improve Healthcare Services

It is now common for healthcare administrators to be responsible for the introduction and management of new technology and software in the facilities they work for. Through the adoption of new technologies, healthcare facilities can provide better services, thereby improving their overall outcomes. The introduction of new healthcare software helps streamline operations, thereby making the facility more efficient and better able to concentrate on providing the best healthcare.

A career in healthcare administration is very exciting because there is no fixed template for what you have to do or what you are responsible for. The roles you are assigned will depend on your particular setting and any of the several healthcare facilities you decide to work for. Although not a primary concern for many healthcare professionals, a salary bump might be a good reason to consider becoming a healthcare administrator.