Why Can Gambling Become Addictive?

Gambling is one of the most profitable industries in the world and a loved pastime. However, it is also highly addictive for some people. Much of its addictiveness, it owes to the release of dopamine due to anticipation. Think about it this way, let’s say you’re playing slots. Each time you spin the reel, your brain releases dopamine due to anticipation of the potential rewards. And from time to time you win thus giving your brain the hook to constantly expect to win. But how do some people get addicted to gambling and some don’t? 


Nowadays, gambling is present everywhere and so many people already knows what is surrender in blackjack. There are land-based and online casinos, games, sports betting, and much more. If gambling is easily accessible, then people will likely turn to gamble. For those who have to put a lot of efforts into getting the ability to gamble, it just won’t be worth the trouble. But, with the rise of online gambling, it is becoming more present and just a click away. 


Yes, stress is the cause of everything and so, it could also cause gambling problems. When people don’t have the ability to cope with stress, they turn to other forms of relief. Some start drinking, others take drugs, some go running and working out and some gamble. Additionally, if the stressed person has had a hard couple of months like a family tragedy, divorce or losing a job, they might lose control and start acting on impulses. 

Money Problems

Due to a lack of financial stability, some people will turn to gamble as the potential way out of a bad situation. In fact, they are more likely to end up in a much worse situation but they just don’t know it. This one is tightly entangled with the above-discussed stress factor. When people are desperate and depressed, they tend to make poor decisions. 

The Captivating Big Win

Some people place a couple of bets and win a big jackpot. For these people, gambling becomes associated with winning big and they sometimes turn back to gambling even though they don’t have to but they are chasing that amazing big thrill that they never felt up until that moment. 

Human Nature

Some studies point out that some personalities are more addictive than others. These studies point that some people are born with less norepinephrine and in order to compensate the imbalance, they start gambling because norepinephrine is released in times of stress or excitement and gambling has both.