In 2020, purchasing music beats has become a common theme. There are tons of benefits to buy beats whether you’re a new artist or an experienced veteran. Due to the advancements in technology, you can avoid the hassle of looking for reliable music producers and paying them big bucks to produce beats for you. These days, you can just go on the internet and you will find numerous amazing websites where you can buy beats from.

But then again, will you be able to use those beats without limitations forever? Can someone intervene and claim ownership or file for copyright?

In this article, you will get to know why buying royalty-free beats can be the best move for your music career.

1. Buy from more skillful music producers 

Producing music requires more than just having being a great singer and knowing how to play musical instruments. Even though music production isn’t rocket science, it is still an art that requires a lot of passion, practice, and skills. Many musicians lack music production skills, which is why it is common for them to purchase royalty-free beats from other skillful music producers.

2. Quality is important

Purchasing royalty-free beats is very important for your music career. In the music industry, there are many important factors and parameters that you cannot afford to mess with. Beats is one of them. You cannot compromise on the quality of the beats in your song. You can find exceptionally good beats all over the internet including used ones. Even though anything that you buy from talented producers online will be great, make sure to explore all the options and choose the ones that fit your needs.

3. Purchasing royalty-free beats is cost-effective

Whether you’re a new, upcoming musician or an experienced music artist, the music industry can be extremely demanding at times. The life of a musician is a lot more demanding than what others expect it to be. But by purchasing royalty-free music, you can give yourself a financial boost as they’ll allow you to cut multiple production and post-production costs.

4. Avoid potential copyright issues

Easily the most significant reason to seek royalty-free beats is so stop others from dragging you into potential copyright infringement situations. Royalty-free beats mean that once they’re purchased, you’ll have total rights to however you use the beats as long as you use them without having to compensate the creators of the beats. In simple words, royalty-free beats mean the producer doesn’t have any right to claim earnings from the gains you’ve made from using those beats.

5. Claim a lien on such beats

In most of the cases, no royalty beats require just a 1-time payment to make the instrumentals yours forever. This means you can give those beats to a third party and benefit from them, depending on the agreement that you have with the producer. many agreements grant you the privilege to claim a portion of royalties in case the beats you’ve purchased are used by others.

6. Protect your online music accounts

Music producers who sell beats online sacrifice their time and efforts because they know that they’ll be receiving huge royalties on their beats. If you purchase beats from them and deny them these payments, it can lead to serious consequences for you, especially on online platforms that are dedicated to music. Music-streaming websites like Spotify, Apple, and YouTube have strict policies that protect copyright material. They have the right to close your account temporarily, impose penalties, or even delete your account if you’re found to violate these policies. For such platforms, violating means making use of copyrighted beats without taking the producer’s permission. Choosing to buy royalty-free beats will protect your online music accounts from such issues. You will receive permission to use those beats without having to pay royalties for them. This would eventually make it easier to access playlist submission services too.

7. Seeking permission can be highly taxing

When you’re purchasing beats with royalties, there are way too many questions you need to get answers to. Whom should you seek permission from when purchasing beats that have royalties attached to them? How to know if the person who claims to own the beats is actually the one who deserves those royalties? Is there a way to determine the rights of the co-producer or the recording company for the royalties? The harsh truth is that you simply cannot get any answers conclusively. That is true especially for people who have a weak claim in their case for royalties because such people are only behind your money. 

In contrast, purchasing royalty-free beats will get you free of such shenanigans. In simpler words, you won’t have to waste your time researching people and seeking permission because there are no royalties for anyone to claim.

8. Be wise with your time

Music can be a very fulfilling career as it’ll help you live your dreams to the fullest. You get to spend your whole career having fun and producing beautiful music. But unfortunately, using beats that have royalties attached to them can impede your progress. You could end up spending your time looking for people who potentially own the rights to the beats and then having to negotiate contracts with them will be even more hectic.

All this can be easily avoided if you just choose to purchase royalty-free beats.

9. Avoid any court issues

In one of the most high-profile royalty-related incidents, an Egyptian sued Jay Z and Timbaland because they used certain flute notes in their 1999 hit single ‘Big Pimpin’ that were similar to the ones produced by the Egyptians in 1957. Timbaland had already paid EMI Music Arabia $100,000 for using these beats but he didn’t seek permission from the family to use them. A lot of similar court cases exist in the music industry. Avoiding such cases is possible if you just go for the easier option of using royalty-free beats. As a musician, you should remember that everyone will want a piece of your money-filled pie. Even music producers or recording companies might sue you after you’ve paid them the royalties. 

The easy solution is to buy royalty-free beats as it’ll mean no one has the power to sue you for royalties because there aren’t any royalties attached to those beats.