The word splurge rolls off people’s tongues slowly, carefully and often evokes thoughts of designer shoes and truffles. Most people think of luxury coupled stuff with a tinge of guilt. People assume that splurging does not need financial planning which is a misleading opinion. Financial experts will tell you that splurging is a necessity and inevitable, but you have to include it in your budget.

Therefore, you must make sure that splurging does not distract you from achieving your goals but still get to enjoy your earnings. This article will guide you with the best ways to splurge and how you can maximize on it.

1.    Spend to save

This probably sounds impossible, but it is not. You can splurge to save. But what is the point of working hard if you are not going to enjoy your money? Make sure that your splurge makes sense. It should either increase your health and happiness in addition to paying long-term dividends.

For instance: you can buy yourself a great mattress; you will have a healthy sleep, and you will love it. A good night sleep will save you cash on the medication you might use to treat insomnia. You can spend up to $3000 for a king size mattress, but it will be a worthwhile investment.

2.    Buy in bulk

Buying items in bulk is an excellent way of saving money. The larger the packages you buy, the lower the costs per unit.  You will save a great deal of money if you stock up on several months of supplies. Make a list of the things you buy often and choose to buy them in more significant quantities.  However, make sure that you do not purchase perishable goods in bulk unless you are sure you can cycle through them fast.

3.    Splurge small frequently

Because our bodies succumb to pleasures more quickly, you need to make sure you splurge frequently. It will give you the pleasure of working harder to earn that money. Studies have shown that temporal breaks allow you to readjust. Hence, smaller treats are likely to satisfy you more and save you money in the long run successfully.

In fact, there is a study that showed people who enjoy small 60 second massages twice, enjoyed more than those who received 180 minutes of massage. So, it makes sense instead of being at the massage parlor and spending the entire day there, go for a mini-pedi after every few weeks. They are cheaper and more pleasurable.

4.    Never splurge on

While it may seem more pleasurable and you may even convince yourself that it is worth it, there are a couple of things that you should never splurge on. If you have a student loan, make sure you can earn twice as much as you can pay. That will reduce the burden and will ensure that you pay without getting any fines.


Splurging is not a terrible idea. It allows you to enjoy your money and still pay your bills on time. However, make sure you only spend pennies from your savings in case you encounter tough financial situations. It’s basic math.