Man has been alchemizing beer since the beginning of time but how is beer made actually and what is your tall glass of cold brew made of?

According to the surveys, American’s say beer is their alcoholic beverage of choice. And it’s no wonder, seeing as how it comes in many different styles and flavors. Not to mention, beer is enjoyable at different price ranges, unlike some other drinks. 

But have you ever wondered how is beer made? It’s an interesting process that brings us the most popular drink in America. Keep reading to find out the in’s and out’s of beer making. 

How is Beer Made? 

You have to have the right ingredients, and the correct execution, to make good beer. Here are the basics so you can make your own. 

1. The Basic Ingredients in Beer

Sure, beer has a variety of flavors and colors, but the basic ingredients are the same. 

Grain, such as barley, is one important ingredient. Hops are also critical for the flavoring of your beer. Next, you need yeast and water

Why do you need yeast? Yeast is the critical element of beer because it causes it to ferment. And water is what makes up the rest of the beverage and makes it drinkable. 

2. The Malting Process

Malting is a simple term for the process of preparing the malt. That is the barley or other grain you choose to use in your beer. 

It’s dried out until it cracks, and then it’s prepared for the next step. 

3. Mashing Grains 

Once the grains are ready, they’re soaked in hot water. The water will steep the enzymes out of the grain. This results in grain infused water that’s perfect for beer-making. 

4. Hops and Flavors

Afterward, the sweet liquid left over from mashing is put on to boil. Boiling can take a while, and it’s a critical time for flavoring. 

This is when you add the hops to the water. It balances the flavor of sweet and bitter that makes up the best beers in the world. 

This is also when you add the other flavorful beer ingredients. These can be fruity, rich, or crisp, depending on what you include in the list. 

5. Fermenting Your Beer 

After all that, it’s time to take flavorful water and yeast and put it in a vessel. Then, it’s stored away so the fermentation can begin. 

Fermentation is how you get the alcohol content in beer. This is when the yeast is feeding on the sugar in from the water. As a result, alcohol, and CO2 are left behind in its place. 

Remember there’s a difference between fermenting ale and lagers. You can shop here for ale yeast, which ferments at the top. While lager yeast ferments at the bottom

6. Bottling Your Beer 

After that hard work, you’ll be so close to enjoying your beer. You only have to bottle it and let it age a few more weeks or a month. But it will be worth it. 

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How is beer made? With choice ingredients and patience. But mostly, it’s made with heart and a love for beer. Now that you know how to make your own, you can start to share with your friends. 

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