There are some items and accessories that can really make a man happy. We are not the type of jealousy, but in this case, women are very jealous. For women there is so much to wear, store and decorate. We men come. But – maybe we are not entirely objective – we men have the main collection of items: men’s watches. In our opinion, a good watch is a must for everyone.

A good watch collection is something that many men stand for. How do you approach this? What do you notice when buying a watch and more importantly: should luxury watches always weigh on the main prize?

What type of watch?

Let’s assume that you are looking for a good watch such as tissot. In this case the term does not refer to aesthetics but rather to the price range at which you see. This price range is also not fixed in our opinion: how much money for one person is easily paid for someone else. Therefore, our starting point is that you look for a watch that you have to save for a while; the copy you want to use proudly. What type of watch do you choose?

We distinguish between three types of watches: clothing watches, clock hands and sporty watches. Every style with its own charm but also advantages and disadvantages. Of course if you want to wear one watch for now, it is important to choose a model that is not only suitable for you but also the environment where you most often live, especially in a work atmosphere.


Chronograph is a versatile watch, both in terms of functionality and appearance. You can’t go wrong with the chronograph. This type of watch has a very large variation so you can always find a copy that matches your style, appearance, and desires.

Dress watches

Dress watches are characterized by a generally calmer look. Some men prefer style watches than chronographs at work or on official occasions because dress watches are often less pronounced. A clothing watch often chooses a slightly more classic style that is easily combined with casual clothing but especially business.

Sporty watch

With the sporty watch you make (usually more than with a chronograph or stylish watch) statement. Often this watch is made to be seen. We mean, this watch functions less as an accessory with your clothes and decorates your appearance, but rather as an eye catcher. This is not to say that sporty watches cannot be stylish (some of the world’s leading watch brands provide sporty watches), but it should be noted that sporty watches are more likely to stand out. We recommend chronographs or dress watches for frequent business use. If you want to wear a good watch, especially in your spare time, the sporty version is perfect.

New or used?

Don’t be fooled: not everyone with expensive hours buys this new one. That’s not necessary at all. With a certain budget, it might be interesting to look at used watches. From a budget of around 1,000 dollars you will end up in an attractive segment. You not only buy good new watches, but also copy one of the most widely used brands of watches. On the Internet and also in physical form, there are several stores where you can buy beautiful used watches.

Fashion or original?

Another consideration that you can make is whether you choose an “original brand” or a fashion brand. Many fashion brands offer watches: beautiful watches and often high-quality watches. We don’t make value judgments, but most watch lovers choose a dedicated watch brand. Why? These specialists are there to make watches and more expensive brands often make their own watches. Fashion brands buy their parts from suppliers (watch brands). Even though this doesn’t say anything directly about quality, it can make an emotional difference for you.