There are numerous natural ways to ward off UTIs. However, some people will require a prevention supplement to further decrease their risk. Anyone who suffers from UTIs regularly and has wondered how to prevent recurrent UTIs should look into the following supplements to help them find relief.


D mannose is a natural sugar found naturally in the cells of your body as well as certain fruits. You can get it either in pill form or as a powder. It is highly effective at preventing bacteria from adhering to the urinary tract lining, which leads to an infection. It is particularly useful in patients who suffer from a condition known as “neurogenic bladder.”

Cranberry Extract

Drinking cranberry juice is a great way to prevent UTIs, but if you still do not get enough essential nutrients that way, then you should try consuming cranberry extract. You should only take this extract as recommended by your doctor because too much of the supplement can lead to kidney stones. Some medical professionals may suggest taking the extract instead of cranberry juice due to the juice containing excessive amounts of sugar.


Probiotics function as the “good” type of bacteria found in your gut. You can take probiotic capsules to increase the volume of good bacteria, but you can also have a diet rich in tempeh, sauerkraut and yogurt. If you plan on starting a probiotic regimen, then you need to make sure you remain committed and take the capsules every single day. It is the only way to see results.

Find All These Supplements Online

You need a thorough bacterial defense to protect your body from coming down with dangerous illnesses. Many people are more prone to coming down with UTIs than the rest of the population. Anyone finding themselves in that situation should talk to their doctors and then order the best prevention supplements online.