CBD oil has been effective in treating many physical and behavioral problems in dogs. It has been quite effective in handling issues such as anxiety, epilepsy, chronic pain, inflammation, nausea, irritable bowel syndrome, and others in dogs.

If you are considering giving your dog CBD oil for the many benefits that it offers, you need to know the best way to administer CBD oil for dogs. Giving it to your dog is much easier than what people might think.

Here are some of the top ways to administer CBD oil to your dog.

Apply Directly Inside the Mouth

The dosage of the CBD oil will be based on the weight of the dog and the intended purpose. If you know the dosage, all you have to do is fill the required dosage on the dropper, insert it into the dog’s mouth, and squeeze the dropper. Try to place the dropper as far as you can in the mouth to ensure that he does not spit it out. You can give a treat immediately after to ensure that they swallow it. 

Put on Dog Treats

You can use some porous treats that will quickly absorb the CBD oil. Apply oil on the treat and leave it for some time so that the oil is absorbed by it. This method is perfect for small dogs requiring only a tiny amount of oil every day. It is not possible to put on an entire dropper of oil on the treat as it will only slide down.  

Mix it with Some Tasty Substance

If you have a big dog and the dosage of CBD oil is also quite large, you can mix it with a tasty substance such as xylitol-free peanut butter that your dog loves. You can add the required amount to the delicious food and offer it to your dog in ways that it likes, such as on a spoon, a bowl, or in a treat. 

Mix it to Their Daily Food

This method is perfect if you offer wet food to your dog daily. Start with a small dosage and then move up to the required one so that your dog gets used to the taste and does not reject the food altogether. Add the oil directly to the food, allow the food to soak it in, and put it in the food bowl.

Make Your Own CBD Oil Dog Treats

If none of the above ways work for your dog, you can make treats using CBD oil for dogs at home. You cannot bake the treats as it will cause the CBD oil to evaporate. Make dog treats by replacing some oil in the recipe of dog treats. There are plenty of online recipes that you can use to make dog treats with CBD oil at home.

CBD oils are beneficial for dogs and will help with different health problems that your dog might be experiencing. All CBD oils are safe for dogs of all sizes, and they can’t overdose on it.

Dog parents are recommended to use the dosage as suggested by your veterinarian to ensure that you are getting the desired results from it. While some may see the result within a few minutes of administering the oil, others might show positive signs only after a couple of days.