The dangers and risks of smoking are now a matter of public knowledge. The practice of smoking can deal a devastating blow to your health, especially if you’re going at it hard. A startling statistic is that smoking is the number one cause of preventable death in the UK and around Europe. 

Many people caught up in the labyrinth of smoking feel helpless because it’s hard to drop the habit at once. If you’re one of those, then you’ll definitely love this post that gives you a safer alternative to smoking that’s loaded with more benefits than you could ever imagine. 

In this post, we weigh in on the benefits of vaping in comparison to smoking. By the end of the post, we can pretty much guarantee you’ll be so ready to make the switch, but either; it’s your call. 

Let’s get right into the benefits:

Vaping has more health benefits than smoking 

There’ve been numerous speculations that vaping is just as dangerous as smoking. On the contrary, there’s overwhelming evidence that vaping is 95% healthier than smoking. In fact, it’s recommended as one of the fastest ways to quit smoking. The first step is to switch to vaping so that your system isn’t subjected to the harsh withdrawal effects all at once. 

Because vaping contains lesser harmful chemicals that cause addiction, you’ll find that you’re able to satisfy your smoking urge without risking your health. Other benefits you’ll realize immediately after switching to vapes are low blood pressure, improved lung function, enhanced breathing, improved sense of taste, and a boost in your immune function. 

It’s a cheaper alternative. 

It’s estimated that a person who smokes 20 cigarettes in a day parts with an average of $3000 on just smoking expenses alone per year. It’s estimated that an average smoker downs 11.3 cigarettes in a single day translating to a yearly expenditure of $17,000. Again, the price could even be higher if the person smokes an expensive brand. 

For a starter, vaping has a higher cost implication than the daily user. That’s because you’ll need to first buy the e-cigarette plus all the corresponding accessories. But in the long run, it’s way cheaper as compared to smoking. If it’s your first time, you’re likely to spend $30 upfront and then another $90 for the remaining part of the year. E-liquids are available in nearly all price points you can think of, starting at $1 for a 10ml refill. 

E-cigs are a faster way of quitting smoking. 

Many ex-smokers quoted vaping as their biggest ally to quitting smoking. Many users of e-cigs in the UK said that they use them as an avenue of them finally breaking their smoking addictions. Data from the ONS found that vaping is one of the factors contributing to better lifestyles among ex-smokers. 

According to science, vaping is also regarded as being twice effective in the replacement of NRTs – nicotine replacement therapies. In a recent study, the NHS found that only 9.9% of NRT users stopped smoking as compared to 18% of e-cigarette users. Vaping is able to do such an excellent job because of its ability to curb bad smoking habits and cravings. 

Fewer risks of second-hand vapor 

Its public knowledge of the effects second-hand smoking can have on passive smokers. According to science, one puff of smoke released into the air carries over 70 known carcinogens and over 7000 chemicals. The following are some of the effects of second-hand smoke in children:

  • Increased risk of asthma attacks
  • Higher explore to respiratory infections such as pneumonia 
  • Higher chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome a.k.a cot death or SIDS
  • Higher risk of nose, ear, and throat infection

As for the adults, they’re likely to develop lung cancer, heart disease, or stroke. However, these risks are nonexistent when it comes to e-cigs second-hand smoke. Researchers have found the effects of vaping second-hand smoke to be negligible since the vapor evaporates rapidly after it’s released into the air. 

No annoying lingering smell

One of the biggest disadvantages of smoking is the irritating smoke and smell that seems to hang around you long after you’re done smoking. It’s nearly impossible to remain smelling clean and fresh, especially if you smoke a lot. It’s estimated that the smoke can last for as many as 30 minutes. That’s not even the worst part; the smoke will sink into the furniture, walls, curtains, and other fabrics that will make the room uncomfortable. 

However, researchers have found that e-cig vapor disintegrates into smaller particles quickly when released into the air. Remember, by the time the vapor is being released, it’s already heated, and so it’s light. Therefore, it will disappear rapidly even before getting a chance to cause any of the effects we’ve mentioned above. 


The benefits of vaping over smoking are too overwhelming. There’s every good reason to make the switch from smoking to vaping, given the number of health and hygienic advantages we’ve discussed in this post.