By now the world has become aware of the vape culture that exists but has it become socially acceptable and is there proper vaping etiquette in public?

Curious about vaping etiquette and if you broke the social rules or not? Vaping is becoming more and more popular than traditional cigarettes. Since vaping benefits to cigarettes and fewer regulations, more people puffing in public. 

Are you wondering if your puffing is pissing anyone off? Then you’ve come to the right place because we’re going to dig into it! Read on to see how socially acceptable vaping in public is. 

Vaping Etiquette Do’s 

New to the vaping game and looking for a sweet style? There are various vape styles to choice: check it out! It doesn’t matter what vape pen you have, etiquette applies to all. 

Don’t flubber your reputation in eagerness for a quick drag. Here’s what you should always do before vaping in public! 

1. Check Policies and Location

You should first ask yourself is: where am I? Consider your location before vaping; yes, it matters! Hospitals don’t allow vaping, and public schools are the same. 

You might think that places with booze like cruises are fair game. The truth is, even cruise ships have rules for vaping. Locations like cruise ships have specific locations for vaping. 

But university libraries don’t let you vape inside the building or even on campus. Researching the policies before heading off anywhere is vital for being on the brightest side of the public eye. 

2. Be Mindful

Aside from checking your location, check the people around you. To stay on people’s good list, be conscious of any little ones or elderly around. If there is someone on an oxygen tank, don’t vape! 

You might think its less harmful than traditional cigarettes, but its simple courtesy. Also, avoid vaping near children because it can upset parts. Adults are role models for children, and most parents don’t want their children seeing it. 

3. Blow Away from Crowds 

There isn’t a worse insult than to have someone blow smoke in your face, vaping isn’t different. You should aim away from crowds of people, and away from faces. Wait for a gentle breeze to come, and then blow. 

People don’t want to inhale your vape—there’s no other way to put it. 

4. Research Vaping and Be Aware

The best thing you can do as someone who vapes is: 

  • Check policies 
  • Research vaping and ejuice and which it contains 
  • Learn about nicotine and its effects on the body
  • Be considerate  

Following these four simple, yet vital points will keep you on the positive vaping vibes. It’ll also help you keep your friends and community members happy. 

Vaping Etiquette Don’ts

Now that you know that best habits for vaping in public, here’s what you should never do! These top don’ts will earn you nasty glares, and can even be dangerous. Stay safe, and vape proud knowing you won’t be doing these don’ts any time soon! 

1. Vape in Front of a Pregnant Woman 

Is vaping cool? Well, that depends on each person’s opinion, but what’s not cool is causing harm. Vape juice contains levels of nicotine, which means that it can cause harm to the human body. Pregnant women are super vulnerable! 

They’re growing a human being, and inhaling nicotine could cause birth defects. Vaping in front of a pregnant woman is both inconsiderate and harmful.  

2. Leave Your Vape Pen 

If you choose to vape in public, never leave your pen in random locations. This could happen at the park or when eating out. You never want to risk a curious child or animal stumbling across it. 

Vape pens are your responsibility, and not taking care of where you keep it can be dangerous. 

3. Never Checking Your Equipment 

Another cause for concern is not checking the battery on your vape pen. Storing your pen in too hot locations can cause it to explode. You’re risking the health and well-being of others. 

Not to mention, it can cause expensive damage that is hard to pay off. 

4. Big Clouds Are a Negative! 

Study for finals or chilling in the milk section at the grocery store? Then don’t let out huge clouds of vape smoke. Again, people don’t want the smoke in their space. 

You might think it looks cool, but to others that don’t smoke its uncomfortable to be around. If you’re going to vape, make sure it’s not too close to a non-smoker. Your best bet is vaping outside for the wind to blow it away. 

So…is Vaping Socially Acceptable or Not? 

You know the do’s and don’ts of vaping, but is it socially acceptable or not? The real answer to this question is: yes and no. Yes, it is socially acceptable when you vape by the rules. 

Vaping in public places with policies against vaping is going to gain you, enemies. Likewise, if you follow the rules, but blow vape smoke in people’s face, it’s equally rude. The best way to vape in public is to follow your gut and treat people with respect. 

Most people won’t mind, so long as you’re being mindful of their space. Also remember to check for what most people care about the most—kids, pets, and elderly. There is no reason you shouldn’t enjoy vaping at a party or with friends. 

It becomes a problem when you’re not vaping in a safe way. That means checking your battery, and not leaving the pen behind. Vaping is socially acceptable for those that wield the power with consideration. 

It’s Not Against the Law But…Etiquette is Good for People!  

While there aren’t specific rules for vaping etiquette, it’s still a nice touch to be kind to others. Vaping still contains nicotine and does have some drug-like qualities. It isn’t fair to force this on others in locations that aren’t appropriate.

The best way to practice proper vaping etiquette is to be mindful of your surroundings. It’s best to put the pen away when someone else isn’t happy. There are times when their upset is valid, like pregnant women.  

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