Let’s face it. In today’s society, we rely on our cars more than anything else. Unfortunately, owning anything – whether it’s a house or an automobile– requires routine maintenance.

You can get away with neglecting some repairs, but that’s not the case when it comes to your car’s windshield.

If left damaged, a simple windshield chip or crack could quickly turn into a major safety hazard for yourself and others. That’s why we recommend fixing any auto glass damage as soon as possible.

The good thing is that any damage to your car’s glass is an easy fix for any reputable professional, and generally won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Even so, we have put together a list of a few tips you can put into practice to avoid damage to your car’s windows.

1. Avoid Gravel and Stone Threats

If your typical commute passes through a construction zone or gravel road, you might consider taking a different route. Gravel and rocks being kicked up by other vehicles is the number one cause of windshield damage.

Although you may not be able to avoid every rock, you can definitely reduce your chances greatly by taking a route with newer, well-maintained roads. 

2. Always Avoid Hail

It might seem obvious, but you would be surprised at the number of calls we get after hail storms. Although hail can be less destructive than other natural disasters, it’s not to be taken lightly.

There is just no way one can predict the size a hail stone will be from one minute to another. If you know a storm is brewing, don’t risk driving on the road. Take shelter immediately and wait out the storm.

Trust us, you will be doing yourself and billfold a huge favor!

3. Ensure Proper Maintenance of Your Windshield Wipers

Although windshield wipers are usually very helpful, old or worn out wipers can actually be a nuisance to your windshield. If not properly maintained or replaced when necessary, they can collect debris and scratch your front or rear glass.

Make sure you check them every so often to make sure they are functioning properly and aren’t broken in any places.

4. Stay Away from Shady Areas

Again, this tip might seem like common sense, but we can’t state this enough. Try to avoid areas that are prone to break-ins or vandalism attempts. It may sound easy, but you can’t avoid every area you deem suspicious.

At Frisco Auto Glass pros our best advice is to always park in well-lit areas. Make sure to remove or hide valuables as this is the biggest reason that cars are broken into.

5. Repair Any Cracks Immediately 

A good auto glass expert should advise you to repair any windshield cracks as soon as you notice them. If you wait, any little thing could make chips or cracks much worse.

Slamming on the breaks, hitting a bump or pothole in the road, or getting into a minor fender bender could lead to the entire windshield shattering and putting your safety at risk.

Don’t wait, get any auto glass damage repaired as soon as possible! Well, there you have it! These are our main tips to help protect your auto glass.

Even though it’s impossible to avoid all hazards or potential problems, there are many measures you can take to minimize the possibility of damage.