The CBD industry is relatively new and has been around only for about a decade. Despite that, people are not well aware of the therapeutic properties of CBD- the compound found in hemp and cannabis. This is because CBD has been greatly confused with THC, the compound found in marijuana that causes psychoactive effects.

Emerging research has acted as eye openers and have helped people realize that CBD and its products can be used to treat various health ailments. Some of the health conditions where CBD can be useful are- in treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, epilepsy, and many more. While a lot of people are clear about this, one thing that still has people confused is- how to buy a pure CBD oil without being a victim of adulteration.

That is a very valid question to put forth since this is a new industry and CBD products are sold over the counter. So, here’s a list of the types of lab results that you should check to ensure that the CBD product that you intend to use is both pure and safe.


The hemp plant is capable of actively absorbing just about any chemical that is mixed with the soil that it grows on. Despite following all the safety measures, if your CBD oil comes from a hemp plant that has been grown in soil that contains pesticides, there are high chances that the CBD product would be contaminated with pesticides as well. Contaminated CBD products can cause unwanted side effects. This is why trusted CBD brands make it a point to use an organic approach when growing the hemp plant.

Therefore, while you’re looking for a pure CBD oil, it’s always important to check the lab results for the presence of pesticides so that you can make sure the product is safe to use and doesn’t cause any severe side effects.


The presence of mold or harmful pathogens can also make your CBD product unsafe to consume. Bacteria and pathogens may grow on the hemp plant that is cultivated for CBD. While there are good bacteria, there are also bad bacteria that are capable of causing a number of health issues. And if you’re using a CBD product that has pathogens and bacteria in it, you wouldn’t even be able to witness the CBD benefits. While CBD is known to have adverse reactions, the side effects caused by these pathogens would completely change your perception towards CBD products and their effectiveness.

So, when you look for a pure CBD oil, look for lab results confirming that the CBD product does not contain any pathogens.


Generally, good brands that sell CBD oil and other products don’t use the extraction process that involves solvents. However, since there might be sellers making false claims about the extraction process they use, it’s important to check if the CBD product is free of harmful residual solvents. The reason why many manufacturers use the solvent method to extract CBD is that it’s the cheapest method of all. Moreover, when these solvents make it to the CBD product, they can cause serious side effects.


It’s also important to check lab results regarding the potency of the pure CBD oil you intend to buy. This test verifies if there are other kinds of cannabinoids present in the CBD product besides CBD itself; and if so, in what percentage. This test also helps you verify that the percentage of THC present in the CBD product is less than 0.3%, which is the legal limit. Anything over this percentage may cause unwanted psychoactive effects that THC is characterized by.


Terpenes are plant components that sometimes make it to the final CBD product based on the filtration process applied. While terpenes are not unwanted compounds in a CBD product, it still makes sense to check the lab results for its presence so that you can tell what causes the distinct coloration and flavor in the CBD product you’re using. Furthermore, the presence of terpenes is seen as a benefit since terpenes have a number of properties that are beneficial for health.

These are some lab tests and results that you should expect the CBD seller to show you so that you can make sure that the pure CBD oil you plan to buy is actually pure. If a seller refuses to show you the lab results, it’s time for you to look for another seller, and never settle for a low-quality product.