In modern times, there is always social media and digital marketing to advertise your brand and its potential. It also creates platforms to interact with potential customers. 

However, barriers prevent smooth and flawless interaction with clients online. Some of the examples are business hours, automated messaging replies, and outdated announcements.

Businesses should explore other outlets of reaching out to customers. Trade show exhibits could open up a new medium for customer interaction.

For a trade exhibit to be successful, brands need to think of eye-catching trade show booth ideas. Customers are the key to make a trade show emerge victoriously. Their own notion of walking into a stall based on the striking look that grabs attention decides the triumph of your idea to display in a trade show. 

The more people approach the stall, the higher the possibility of more lead generation and sales. So, the question arises: how could you, as the brand, capture their interests to make them walk over to your booth?

Well, here are a few trade show booth ideas to capture audience interests:

1. Games, games, games!

Most of the attendees of trade shows come to these events to unwind from a routine, know more about the industry, or a brand. For the customers to spend a little more time in your booth, engage them in games.

Try coming up with raffles or quizzes, not only to interact with potential buyers but to get them to know more about what you can offer. Then, participants would leave their information for prize announcements, which also mean more leads generated for you.

Giving souvenir items such as mugs, lanyards, and ball-point pens with your logo on it are a waste of resources. Potential clients would walk over to your booth, grab the item, and leave without anything for you.

2. Offer free Wi-Fi connections

In connection with the free games, ask them to take pictures of your booth and product, then upload it to social media. Offer free and reliable connection for them to do so.

Chances are there that the exhibits do not have any wireless internet connection. On average, an attendee may take up to 9 hours to roam around a complete show. Make sure you capitalize on this, by making them stay in your booth.   

When you offer free wi-fi in your booth, it increases the chances of them spending more time and might get interested in your displays. 

3. Contact Influencers

Ah, millennials’ Achilles heel—modern-day influencers. The youth of today take events like trade show exhibits as an opportunity to meet the people they admire.

Hence, try to contact influencers, vloggers, or whoever is famous that may promote your product, to appear in your booth. Or, if it is not possible, send them PR packages asking them to post your brand. Of course, it would also come with a small fee.

If the people you invited cannot physically attend the trade show, asking them to promote online might help. There is still a high chance of their followers getting curious as to why the influencer posted about you. Hence, it would also create additional traffic towards your stand.