We all know ho revolutionary smartphones were. They changed the consumer electronic landscape drastically and more importantly, changed the way humans interact. A modern smartphone packs more processing power than early NASA spacecraft and cameras that can produce some stunning results. Evolutionary steps in screen quality, battery life, and heat efficient processors gave smartphones the power to run 3D intensive games with ease.

Apple’s iPad made similar waves when it was released back in 2010. Never had consumers seen such a sleek, powerful and versatile device. Bridging the gap between a laptop and a smartphone, the iPad took the world by storm and created a whole industry of applications, accessories, and games.

Take your tablet.

In 2019 mobile gaming is big business, with both Android and Apple ecosystems flush with titles. Whilst smartphones are more than capable, a tablet PC offers the discerning mobile gamer a much more immersive experience. The iPad has set the benchmark for tablet PC’s, with blistering performance and most importantly, a big crisp screen. The latest iPad air wifi model is the perfect base to start enjoying the multitude of games on Apple app store.

If you’re not a fan of the iPad, most manufacturers who create smartphones for the Android operating system also make tablets. There are some beautiful models on the market, I really like Samsung’s latest offering, the Galaxy Tab S5, not only is it scarily fast but the operating system can be tweaked and hacked to gain access to older titles and emulators. In this article, I will be discussing titles for the iPad, but a lot of these will also be available for Android users.

Playing around

The beauty of an iPad is its versatility, the ability to process word documents or edit movies all on a small portable device is invaluable to some. Whether it is Android or iOS, your choice of operating system is well catered for, both Samsung’s Tab line and Apple’s iPad offer a vast array of accessories and add ons that can enhance the functionality of your device. 

This rings true when it comes to equipping your iPad or Tablet PC for gaming. You can play games on your device straight out of the box and the larger screen lends itself well to touchscreen controls. For some hard-core gamers, accessories like a Bluetooth controller and a stand will take your experience to the next level.

What games have you got?

A powerful iPad is an expensive paperweight without some games to play. Whilst the array of games available is intimidating, there are some titles that truly shine and are deserving of your time (and in some cases money). Here is a list of the top ten games to play in your Ipad.

1. Civilization VI

A mobile iteration of an all-time strategy classic.  Civilization is deep turn-based strategy game full of ancient and new civilizations and empires, each with their own quirks and powers. Fans of the series will be delighted by the iPad version, it plays exactly like the PC version, which is very high praise indeed. 

2. Minecraft

Another PC classic ported to the IPad. Minecraft was one of gamings biggest success stories, and with good reason. Minecraft features innovative crafting and building systems that will keep you enthralled for hours (or years). An addictive mix between lego and survival, Minecraft is sure to make you smile.

3. Clash Royale

A slick tower defense style game with a huge online community. Clash royal has become so popular it has become its own Esport!

4. Don’t starve

One of my all-time favorites, Don’t Starve is a survival game with a twist. You will take control of one of many unique characters and attempt to survive in a dark and hostile environment. The real challenge starts when the sun goes down.

5. FTL

FTL, or ‘faster than light’ is a spaceship simulator tailored for the touchscreen. Players can manage their spaceships while upgrading weapons and thrusters. Randomly generated sections of space are brimming with threats and treasures giving FTL huge replayability. 

6. Hitman GO

Unlike some titles based on existing PC franchises, Hitman GO is built from the ground up to be a mobile experience. Players familiar to the Hitman series will adore this rendition. Gone are the non-linear 3D environments, and instead are sterile boardgame style sets. Most impressively, Hitman GO faithfully captures the essence of the franchise.

7. Papers, please.

Whilst not appealing to everyone, this game demonstrates how much depth and choice is offered to iPad gamers. Papers, Please forces you to review migrants at a fictional border checkpoint. As heart wrenching and unpleasant as it sounds, but well worth a look for those who love to keep on the bleeding edge of entertainment.

8. XCOM: Enemy within

Brooding and methodical. XCOM debuts on the iPad in stunning fashion. A deep strategy game in which you command an elite squad and deal with extra-terrestrial threats. Whilst the game was released way back in 2013, it still shines as one of the best mobile gaming experiences. 

9. Angry Birds 2

Did you really think I would compile a top ten iPad games list and not include an Angry Birds title? Angry Birds is a simple game in which you fling angry birds from a slingshot into ramshackle structures for points. Whilst the original was a resounding success, the sequel is the game to get, improving on the original in every way.

10. Telltales ‘The Walking Dead’

Developer Telltale Games has had a history of producing deep and engaging story-based adventures. Their adaption of the popular “The Walking Dead” series follows this trend. With masterful storytelling, and gut-wrenching choices this series is on the expensive side, but well worth the cash for an experience you won’t soon forget. 

There are literally thousands of games available through the app store. Whether you are a shoot em up addict or your prefer an arty, text-based thriller, the iPad is a perfect platform for gaming on the go.