A lot of people are interested in fall fashion, and the person reading this just might be one of them. People like to keep up with the times, and some people even like to be ahead of the fashion game, so it’s good to know what fashion trends are going to be popping up in fall 2018. Will they be a repeat from fall 2017 or is it going to be totally new? Read this to find out! Some of the trends might come as a surprise, but this will help one be able to know what’s going to be in this year.

Plaid is still in.

Plaid is fairly timeless, and this season plaid is going to be in yet again. Plaid shirts and flannels are always cute, but there are some other options for people out there. Do they want to wear plaid pants or a plaid dress? Go for it. Plaid scarves or skirts or knee-high socks are all in and adorable. There is so much that one can do with so much plaid.

Oversized jackets and sweaters are in.

This trend is a lot of fun, because it is also very comfortable. Who doesn’t love putting on an oversized sweater and cuddling up with a mug of hot apple cider? It’s relaxing and cozy, and the best part is that it’s totally acceptable to wear this and leggings outside in the fall. At this rate, everyone is going to have the most comfy fall that they have had yet to have.

Bright and mismatched patterns are in.

How about those that love bright patterns? Now bright and mismatched is in, so one can mismatch their bright patterns however they please, and it will be considered fashionable, especially if it is oversized.

Flowers are in.

In the past, floral patterns have only been worn in spring, but now they are coming onto the fashion scene during fall too, so one can confidently wear their favorite flower-covered dress during autumn too, and everyone will just love the style.

Leather, especially black leather, is in.

Who doesn’t love leather? Well, leather is becoming big this fall season. Black leather especially, as one will find lots of people wearing black leather jackets or dresses. This edgy style may be what one needs to expand their wardrobe just a bit, because, after all, it is fun to try something new.

Futuristic Style is in.

So, what is futuristic style? It’s bright and glossy and primarily white and silver. This interesting style looks like it comes right off of a spaceship. It’s bold and not for everyone, but it might be fun to try it this autumn season.

This generation is bringing forth new and bold fashion that no other generation has seen before, and at the end of the day it is all about expressing oneself brightly and freely. One should find what they feel comfortable in, because that is what they are going to look and feel best in.