Although there are many major tourist destinations in Asia, Seoul is fast becoming a popular vacation destination. The city has grown rapidly in past years. With many multinational companies in the city, many business travelers have started heading into a business. Slowly and gradually, the city became famous in the tourism sector. Even today, the number of visitors to this city is insufficient compared to other Asian travel destinations, but this destination has found a good place in the tourism field; inch to inch cheap airline tickets are readily available. Therefore, travelers on a budget can easily plan a vacation in this city. The following are the top 5 Seoul attractions.

Demilitarized ZoneĀ 

The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) is a unique 6-kilometer-long zone that crosses the Korean Peninsula and acts as a protective shield between North and South Korea, two technically still at war. It is a symbolic reminder of the tragedy of war, the separation of people, and one of the Cold War’s saddest legacies. After the end of World War II, Korea was initially divided into northern and southern halves. However, after the ceasefire agreement, the country was divided indefinitely after countless devastation and the loss of 3 million people due to the Soviet-led south’s invasion of the north.

The uniqueness of the DMZ has made it the most popular destination in Korea for foreign visitors. However, visiting the DMZ is strictly prohibited. Because of this ban, this area has become one of the best-protected desert areas in the world. Direct visits may be prohibited, but many travel agencies offer tours to Panmunjom or the Joint Security Area, where the North-South truce of 1953. It is also possible to visit the Vahdat Observatory and the tunnels built by North Korea under the DMZ and Woljeongri Station, The last stop before the DMZ.

There are several reasons why the DMZ is unique. This is the last Cold War bastion, and visitors can learn about peace and conflict. It is also a place to understand the Korean psyche, driven mainly by the occupations, wars, and divisions the nation has gone through. Most of DMZ’s famous tourist attractions are within 90 minutes of Seoul.


Three years after the Choson Dynasty’s foundation, it was the first royal palace built by Gyeongbokgung in 2016. The location of Gyeongbokgung was noted as the capital of Seoul, which was known as Hanyang at that time and represented the rule of the Chosun Dynasty. Gyeongbokgung is the largest of the 5th Gyeonghuigung, Deoksugung, Changgyeonggung, and Changdeokgung, and it served as the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty.

During the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592-1598, Gyeongbokujung continued to function as the main palace. All palaces were severely damaged, and Gyeongbokgung was not rebuilt until 1868. The palace was expanded to a 410,000 square foot complex with over 500 buildings. Gyeongbokgung thrived for decades until the Japanese destroyed palaces once again during the Korean occupation of 1910-1945. The restored buildings were demolished, the Gwanghwamun Gate moved, and the Japanese Government-General Building was endangered in front of the main palace area.

A Popular Shopping Mall

Shinsegae Department Store is one of the most popular malls in Seoul. You can find various products, including fresh fish, fruits, and traditional foods like kimchi, branded shoes, fabrics, and other items arranged in various categories. Lotte and Hyundai stores are other major malls, and Lotte Food Court is also noteworthy. Bojaksan is a summit near the Blue House and an ideal place for hiking. It offers a good view of the city at a height of 342 meters. Here you can see the ancient Seoul fortress and many surrounding attractions. The National Museum of Korea is actually the largest in the country, with more than 220,000 objects. The hall contains an extensive gallery, six permanent exhibitions, a children’s museum, restaurants, and much more. The Samsung Liu Museum of Art is one of the most famous museums and features impressive architecture and an impressive collection.

Amusement Activities

There are several theme parks in the city, most of which are open most of the year. It is an indoor theme park and one of the largest of its kind in the world. It shows ancient Korean life and has several games and a folk museum. Everland and Children’s Large Park are other theme parks that are unique attractions for children. In town, there is a casino called Seven Luck which is only for foreigners. You will also find places for horse racing here. Most of the competitions are held on the weekends.

Mountain biking is another tourist attraction. You can rent a mountain bike and any other accessories you may need. If they need help with mountain biking, they also offer training. Several theaters perform traditional and modern art. You can also spend a quiet night with some of the city’s spas and massage rooms. There are also small institutes that teach Korean cooking and pottery to take a piece of butter with you after the vacation.

Royal Guard Change Ceremony

During the Choson Dynasty, royal guards did their job by guarding the Gwanghwamun Gate at Gyeongbokgung Palace entrance, which the king ruled. The celebration has been going on since 1469. On your tour of Seoul, you can experience this traditional Seoul event every day at 10 am. And it is 2 pm, except on Tuesdays. Get a great view of Seoul on this one-day tour of the city’s top attractions with the Best South Korea Tour Package with Great Guide.


Whether you are in Seoul for business or pleasure, you have the right to ample opportunities to understand its culture, location, and history. The primary function of the Seoul tour is to prepare everything for your comfort and help each source so that you can understand the cultures, history, and problems of Seoul. All this is possible through cultural norms and modernization in a country that strives for innovation and growth. Technological developments and cultural modernization played an essential role in the development of Seoul. As the world grows and the economy continues to divide, significant trends are expected for Seoul and its people. you can visit the Cathay Pacific website to check their services.