So, if you haven’t heard, one of the biggest stories in the news today is that one of Britain’s oldest travel agents has now collapsed. This has left over 150,000 people stranded abroad. If you have found that your holiday has become a shambolic mess, or you have luckily only been thinking of having a holiday, rather than going on, we have come up with the top ways you can travel without getting involved in the chaos of this travel company’s meltdown. Read on to find out more. 

Air Travel

If you’re desperate to go by plane, as you may need to get to a certain country in a specific time frame or want to impress a Heathrow escort with a first-class seat, then you may want to try out flights like “Emirates”, which guarantees pure luxury during travel. Not only does it boast that it’s the quietest flight around, but it has been designed for computer usage. Emirates also includes in-flight entertainment, free amenity kits, skincare products, notebooks and comfortable seating arrangements. There is even an on-site bar for first class. 

However, if you are looking for cheaper arrangements that you can use for fast travel, try having a look for flights from KLM, EasyJet or JetBlue or Delta Airlines. These will get you to your holiday destination in no time and all for a moderate price.

Boat Travel

In amidst all of the chaos, it may be time for you to consider a different sort of holiday. How about a once in a life time cruise from “Celebrity Cruises?” These high-end ships accommodate both the adventurer and the relaxer. Not only will it take you around the  Ecuadorean islands, but its ambience, fine dining opportunities and “infinite verandah” will make you feel like you rule the ocean waves.

If you aren’t a big fan of relaxing cruises taking you around the high seas for a holiday, why not just take a ferry to your country of choice? A ferry service can get you literally to any country if you’re willing to be patient. This includes France, Spain, Amsterdam or even Holland.  They tend to be far cheaper than planes and have entertainment on the vessel that you can walk to. Instead of being cramped up in a seat, you can go get dinner, stand on the deck and enjoy the smell of the ocean, or you can just relax in your cabin if you’re feeling a bit tired.

The best ferry services include Brittany Ferries, DFDS, Condon, Le Shuttle and Moby. 


You must have heard of the Eurostar? Well, if you’re ready to go for a ride around Europe, you may want to get on this European train ride that will drop you off at famous cities around Europe before zooming off on its next journies. Eurostar trains are fitted with sleeper cabins so you can get some rest, as well as a restaurant. The train can take you to Barcelona, Venice, Verona, Rome, Paris, Dublin, Berlin, Prague and Amsterdam. Just remember that you will only have a few hours to explore the area.


Okay, so this option isn’t exactly for the faint of heart and is probably better for local travel. But there have been bike routes created around the UK for adventurers to use to travel to and around different cities. This includes Chiltern Hills, the Lake District, Scotland (i.e. the West Coast), The Isle of Wight and even Northern Ireland. You may only want to try this if you feel fit enough, but it will make you feel great about your health and how much money you have saved whilst doing it. Enjoy the fresh air and excitement you get from your cycling routes. 


Do you remember back in the 1990s when you used to use your car to reach different areas of the country? Yes, it’s been a while but honestly, it’s a good way to save money and explore different areas of your own country. Why not take a trip up to Scotland or go down to hilly Buxton where you can see some of the most gorgeous hillsides in the country? You won’t regret it.

Book a holiday where you know you won’t get stranded

It is sad to see such a household name go under. Thomas Cook has been authority over the travel industry for over 100 years. However, it’s time for us to go forward and look to the future for the arrival of new travel companies and packages deals. If you want to make sure you do not get stranded, you may want to stick to local holidays for now. Only expand when you know it’s safe to travel out of the country.

Enjoy your holiday!