The average American listens to over 32 hours of music every week. That staggering number may come as no surprise as people try to keep themselves entertained during a year that has been filled with isolation.

While just about everyone you know listens to music, where people get the music they listen to varies dramatically.

For many, their go-to music distributor is YouTube. That’s where having a quality YouTube audio downloader is invaluable.

Listening to music through YouTube requires most people to stream accompanying video and disables them from locking their phone screens while jamming. When you download music from YouTube, you can listen to it offline, without video, and while your screen is locked.

How can you find the perfect YouTube audio downloader to enjoy those perks? Keep reading to find out!

Stick With YouTube’s Downloader

The most legitimate way of getting your hands on YouTube’s audio library is by sticking with the downloader YouTube offers. Simply download “YouTube Music” and use the application’s download feature.

Of course, there’s a catch here.

While you can listen to audio through YouTube Music for free, to do so without ads, with a locked screen, and while offline, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee. You can look up YouTube Music’s latest fees on their website.

Search for Suggestions on YouTube

Are you unhappy with the idea of paying a monthly fee to download audio from YouTube? If you are, you’ve got exploring to do!

To continue down the path of finding the perfect YouTube audio downloader, we recommend starting by searching for downloader suggestions on YouTube. Type in “best YouTube audio downloader” on the site and you should find hundreds of video tutorials that’ll walk you through options.

Check Out Review Sites

For a faster rundown of potential audio downloaders, run a Google search for “YouTube audio downloader suggestions” and see what pops up. There should be ample options offered through various websites that could be worth exploring.

Be wary when searching for downloader suggestions that you’re not taking a suggestion from a website that’s affiliated with a downloader. These sites are biased towards the products they’re selling.

Create a Shortlist to Dive More Deeply Into

By this point, you’ve discovered several YouTube audio downloader options that could be your perfect music companion. Rather than digging into every one of them in detail, we suggest shortlisting 2 or 3 options to explore.

Don’t worry about picking the wrong 2 or 3! If you don’t like any of the ones you conduct testing on, you can always double back and select a new batch to try.

Start Testing Your Picks

YouTube audio downloaders might look great in reviews. Odds are though, they’ll have more than a few usability bugs.

These bugs are a byproduct of the fact that most YouTube audio downloading applications are made by individual users that make no money off of their work since doing so could put them in a precarious legal bind (more on that later).

As you test audio downloaders, take note of which ones have the most seamless download process and which download audio with the highest sound quality while also keeping file sizes manageable.

A 3-minute song should not boast a file size larger than 5MB.

Prioritize Mobile-Friendly Downloaders

A lot of the downloaders you explore may only work well through your computer’s internet browser. While you could download songs onto your computer and push them to your phone over the internet or through a cable, who needs that hassle?

We recommend prioritizing a YouTube Audio downloader that works natively on phones so you can access your music where you listen to music most, immediately.

See If You Can Sync Tracks to Your Phone’s Music Library

Here’s a tricky feature that’s hard to come by in most YouTube downloader applications… Music library syncing.

If you’ve got a huge music library in your phone’s native music app, you don’t want to have a separate library in your YouTube downloader’s app. Some downloader applications, particularly those on Android, will let you sync your downloader library with your phone’s native library so you can have your music in one place.

This gets trickier on iPhone since your downloader application will need “root privileges” to interact with your phone’s music library.

Understand Legal Implications

By now, you should have a great idea of what the best YouTube audio downloader is per your preferences. What you may not know are the legal ramifications that may come with using that tool.

People that post content on YouTube have rights to that content. Unless they expressly deem it okay for you to download their work, you’re likely violating their copyright by doing so.

YouTube Music’s downloader accounts for this and only gives you access to content you can legally download. Third-party applications might not.

Keep that in mind any time you use the best YouTube video downloader or audio downloader you see advertised online. These applications may be great but you’ll want to make sure they help you comply with whatever legal obligations exist in your territory.

A Great YouTube Audio Downloader Breaks Music Barriers

The only hardship we’ve experienced when listening to music is having access to all of the songs we’ve craved listening to. A quality YouTube audio downloader abates that struggle given that YouTube hosts millions of songs on its website.

We hope our post leads you to a great downloader that helps you circumvent music barriers and expands your library. We also hope you’ll consider reading more of the lifestyle content we have featured on our blog!