With CBD all the rage these days, is it surprising that iconic reality TV star Kim Kardashian threw a CBD-themed baby shower? From an elaborate tea ceremony and CBD-inspired beverages, to a meditation corner and CBD smoking station, no details were overlooked. Make your own Zen party with a soothing sound bath, special alcoholic drinks, and more that will leave you and your guests feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

1. Set the Mood

The right décor is crucial to create the right atmosphere. Throw the party outside in an expansive, green space. Or, if you opt for an indoor event, make sure it’s open and filled with plants and flowers. Set up poufs, big pillows, and blankets on the ground for people to relax. Strings of lights and candles will create the perfect ambiance come evening time. Crystals, Reiki healing, and other small details will enhance the vibe as well.

2. A CBD Corner

An absolute must at your party? A CBD corner where your guests can test out different CBD products. Set up a smoking station for them to try different CBD oil, as well as other products like infused lotions and balms.

CBD, which stands for “Cannabidiol,” is one of the cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Although more research needs to be done, studies suggest that CBD products can help relax, reduce anxiety, and alleviate pain. CBD oil can be smoked, applied topically, or mixed into bath products, foods, and alcoholic beverages. There are a wide variety of CBD products to explore, from tinctures to hemp CBD oil products.

CBD Oil Solutions offers some of the best CBD products on the market today with varying levels of potencies and numerous flavors. They offer both broad spectrum CBD oil, which contain no THC, as well as full spectrum CBD oil, which contains only 0.3% THC. This amount falls within the legal use parameters of the United States’ federal law. Contact customer service for general information or concerns you may have and be sure to order a variety of CBD Oil Solutions’s CBD products for your guests to try out.

3. Themed Cocktails

Every party needs a good cocktail or two! If you are looking for something to set the Zen atmosphere, CBD-infused alcohol beverages are your answer. Different flavors of CBD oil pair well with different types of alcohol. Add a couple drops of a CBD tincture to create unique and memorable alcoholic beverages.

More flavor-forward liquors, like whiskey and rum tend to pair best with CBD, though with the right ingredients you could make a vodka-based martini work. Play with different flavors and levels of alcohol content. Try out fresh herbs like basil and rosemary in your cocktails to align with the herbal theme. To cater to all of your guests, have a selection of non-alcoholic beverages, which can be made with or without CBD oil.

4. Sound Bath Session

End the evening with a meditation and sound bath. This ancient form of musical healing uses Tibetan singing bowls, crystals, and other instruments to emit different frequencies that encourage healing and relaxation for participants. These frequencies have been scientifically linked to reduction in stress and anxiety. This Eastern practice is now being used around the world, from the United Kingdom to the United States. A blissful melody of sounds, after everyone is already chilled out from their CBD beverages, is the perfect way to end your Zen event, leaving everyone feeling like they are walking on clouds.

5. CBD Gifts

Every memorable party leaves their guests with a little something to take home. Why not help your guests carry on the Zen vibe by having a table with CBD-infused gifts for everyone? CBD oil can be used in lotions, lip balms, body sprays, and even incense sticks. A bag with a few of these party favors will have your guests feeling relaxed long after the party ends.