2019 is the year to get in style and make a big impression. Accessories are an easy and subtle way to do it, so here are the best women’s accessories of 2019.

From Ireland to Gilligan’s Island to LL Cool J to fashion week 2019, the bucket hat has a history of function to fashion just like some of the other trending women’s accessories this year.

Take daddy sneakers and belt bags, for example. The bold statements of the 80s are also back. 

We’re thrilled to sport some of our favorite accessory trends this year to add elegance to those bold, bright pink dresses that are in or to add a pop to a sleeker look. Yes, we like to have fun and glam it up whenever possible and want to share that with you.

Keep reading for eight accessory trends to add to your look in 2019.

1. Fun Feet

Comfort and bold shapes and colors hit the pavement in 2019. 

Remember those boyfriend jeans? Now daddy sneakers are all the rage. They’re big and comfortable and when paired with a flirty dress look sweeter than you think.  Anything sporty and comfortable will do too. Play with colors and material. Think purple, neon, and futuristic metallic.  

Speaking of purple and neon, they’re in. Think bright pink, tangerine orange, neon green, lavender, and anything that pops on pumps, sneaks, and your comfy slides (also trending in 2019). 

Ah, yes, the 80s and all those geometric shapes. They’re back on the heels of your shoes. Think cylinder, hourglass, pyramids, and more to prop up your look.

2. Flirty and Glamorous Bring-Me Bags

Enjoy the practicality of most of the “it” bags this year. Most, we said, because there are a few that are more about your fashion panache.

Big, big bags, as in almost-touching-the-ground totes, are gracing the runways and shoulders of fashionistas everywhere. Enjoy fun floral prints and bold colors and baubles to adorn your giant purse. Also enjoy how you can put your laptop, lunch, and an extra jacket and pair of shoes in there too. 

On the flip side are teeny tiny bags and totes. As in, they might fit a credit card, ID, and key. Whimsical and cute, look for tiny duffel bags, mini clasp purses, teensy basket bags, and ultra-small briefcases.  

Also trending this year in women’s accessories are practical and stylish belt bags. Yes, in 2019, your fanny pack gets a makeover as designers bump it up a few notches for this elegant new belt bag trend.

Some of our favorites include Steve Madden’s nautical-stripe belt bag, perfect for yachting to the Grand Prix in Monaco, and Marc Jacobs’ elegant hip-shot convertible cross-body bag with gold chain. Chloe’s Mindy in all white is sophisticated too and we love the small black atlas belt bag by Rag & Bone for its simplicity.   

3. Chic Play Hats

In style in the 80s and made famous on the heads of hip hop artists like LL Cool J in the 90s, bucket hats are back. Pick a solid black for a touch of chic or go fun with checkers, popping neons, or bold prints. They add the perfect button to overalls or wide-leg pants.  

Look no further than the Champs D’Elysee to see the baker boy hat trend in action. Another classic throwback, go for neutral solids like black or blue for a subtle look with a playful print dress or add a top of color to those blue-jean-baby overalls. 

4. Colorful Scarves on Your Handles

A women’s accessory staple, especially in Paris, the scarf, as usual, skates down runways and bustles down streets this season. Bold prints and colors and happy blooms are in this season, as is tying your scarf around your handbag handles. We just love this new development! 

5. Classically Stated Baubles

The catch of the sea and the love of the fashionista admirer this season is pearls. Wear them long, layered, as bracelets, and even in your hair. Or pair a traditional string with a bright-colored frock. Pearls make a classy look fun, and a wild look classy.

Statement bracelets in bright colors also accessorize glamorous looks across the globe this year. Dazzle, glisten, and blind with your armpiece. We love neon, of course, and playful geometric shapes too. 

6. Bold 80s-Style Timepieces

Enjoy horological audacity to go with your standout arm and finger baubles this season. Oh, how the designers and the glamorous ones love the 80s. 

But what does that look like, you ask? Make a power statement with strong rectangles, silver and gold steel, lots of gadgets, and fun Alice in Wonderland whimsy with roman numerals, to give you a few examples. 

All black, as in face and band, works too, as does blue. We love some of the Cartier watches, like the Santos de Cartier and the Ballon Bleu de Cartier, with its sword-shaped hands, roman numerals, striking face, sapphire crystal, and black alligator strap. 

We also like some of the self-winding arm pieces powered by your arm movement. It’s an age-old technology but new, and fun, to us! 

7. Flirtatious Eye Candy

Angular-shaped sunglasses hit their stride on the 2019 fashion accessory stage. Think plenty of sleek, sexy, elegant lines that up your glam factor. Also think back to the 80s again with hexagons, rectangles, diamonds, and triangles and bold colors.

We see you winking behind those Devo shades.

8. Lucky Charms

Bring on the goodness with good luck charms to adorn your savvy style. Think round gold charms with names or symbols. Think zodiac symbols and souvenir charms from your favorite travel spots. Add a simple charm to a delicate chain necklace and add to other necklace layers. Or wear it on its own with a bold print dress.

Another fun option is to collect charms and wear a charm bracelet with all your favorites.  

Add a Pop of Style With Women’s Accessories 

We love the trends for women’s accessories in 2019 because they exude comfort, style, and playfulness yet remain chic and sophisticated when properly paired.

Any of these accessories calling your name? Neon sneaks, horology bling and colorful scarves on our classy all-black belt bag do it for us.

We say: Give it a go! We know we are.

And keep reading for more inside trend scoops for 2019 like this article in trendiest hairstyles!