It’s always exciting when your crush accepts your offer to go out on a date. You’ve braved asking them out and have high hopes that they may have feelings for you in return. That’s why your first date needs to be interesting. It can’t just be the same old, “run of the sort of mill” sort of event. You need to stand out and make your date memorable. Choose the wrong event and this can kill your evening stone dead. Here are some examples of the worst dating venues you can choose for your first date. 

The Movies

Whether you’ve decided to ask a hot lady out or have just decided to go with an affordable Manchester escort service, one of the worst places you can go together are the movies. Yes, you will be both entertained by the film, but it doesn’t exactly encourage communication. That’s why you need to go somewhere that will allow you both to talk together and allow you both to get to know each other. You may want to save this for a future date when you’re seeing each other on a regular basis.

Dinner Dates

Unless you have found an extremely interesting venue, like a cat or dog cafe or perhaps a themed restaurant, you may want to avoid choosing a restaurant for your first date. Whilst it will allow you the chance to talk to your date, it can end up feeling like a job interview. Why not cook together or go out for drinks at a bar instead? These are more sociable environments and will give you both the privacy you need to speak to each other and see if you like each other. 

Ice Skating/Roller Skating

Whilst it can be extremely romantic to go out on the ice or the roller rink together, this comes with the risk of falling flat on your face. You don’t want to fall over, or worse have your date actually fall over. That could be a not so romantic trip out to the #ER or at least back to your house where you have a medical kit. Keep it simple and safe!

Someone else’s party 

Let’s think about this on the reverse. If you were taken out by a date to one of their friend’s parties, wouldn’t you feel a little intimidated? You need to be able to use the time you have together to get to know each other. Not to have her introduced to every single one of your friends! That combined with the loud music and reckless amounts of alcohol won’t leave you much time for talking. Instead, take things slowly and try and find a private environment for you and your date to start learning about each other.

A Club

It’s one thing if you met in a club, it’s quite another if you choose to go out on a date in a club. The loud music combined with obnoxious dancers that want to intrude on duo will really sour the night. Instead, stick to bars and romantic environment that will set the mood.

Family Events

Woah, Woah, Woah! Considering that you have just asked your date out, don’t you think it will be pushing it to take her to a family event? You haven’t even become official yet! If you take your date to a family event, it may look like you are rushing things and that you’re taking it far too seriously. Not only that but it may also give your family the wrong idea as well. To avoid putting pressure on your date, stick to private venues away from prying eyes. That way you can speak in confidence and just enjoy each others company.

Shopping Centres

Asides from watching your date try on a multitude of different outfits, what is there really to do in a shopping centre? You don’t want to get off on the wrong foot, it may be best to not start spending your money on your date all at once. This can give the wrong impression. Instead, you need to look at your interests and see what you both would enjoy. Just hanging around a shopping mall just isn’t the answer to a romantic evening.

Where can you go on a first date?

Honestly, the answer mostly depends on you and your new date. You have probably spent quite a lot of time getting to know each other. If you know anything about their interests, then you will know what sort of venues are enjoyable and which areas they will find a dull trip out. Communicate with each other and see where you can both go that will give you some time together. It could be as something as simple as watching Netflix at one of your homes. There is nothing stopping you from deciding what sort of date you want on your own terms. Just take this list as a friendly amount of advice that will help you steer clear of some of the duller venues.

Have fun on your date

Just remember, your first date is all about being memorable. If you want sparks to fly then you are going to need to put some effort into your plans. Success will come if you have that one sweet moment with your date that you will never forget. So, relax, put on your best outfit and get ready for sparks to fly. You are going to be in for one exciting night!