Vape naysayers needn’t offer their unsolicited opinion. The proof is in the numbers as the vaping industry is booming and projected to rise. Here’s why.

Vaping was once a tiny community of people who only used e-cigarettes, and now the vaping industry has blossomed into a powerhouse of millions of users worldwide. 

With this many people vaping, it’s no wonder the industry also takes in billions of dollars a year. And there’s no end in sight. If anything, the industry will only keep growing from here. 

Vape industry growth can be attributed to a lot of things. Many people use it to quit smoking, some are attracted to the aesthetics of blowing big clouds, and others are interested in getting a nicotine fix without worrying about cancer. 

There’s also the fact that vaping is fun, and you can pick it up and try it out without having to worry about getting addicted to nicotine. And if it’s not for you, you can put it down whenever you want. 

This is because vape liquid doesn’t come nicotine unless you specify that you want it in your liquid. 

Whatever is driving people to vape, the vaping industry just keeps growing, no matter what any buzzkills might say. 

So read this guide and learn about how vaping is one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Maybe you’ll even be tempted to give vaping a try! 

Who’s Making The Vaping Industry So Popular? 

Most of the people who vape are former cigarette smokers who just wanted an easy way to quit. 

A popular misconception about vaping is that it’s just as addictive as smoking cigarettes because it still contains nicotine. However, this is not necessarily true. 

The vape industry offers people a wide range of flavors in terms of vape juice, also known as e-liquid. 

E-liquid can come with nicotine if you specify that you want it when you order from a catalog or a smoke shop. However, you can also order e-liquid that has no nicotine in it at all. 

Most smokers who want to quit order their e-liquid with nicotine, then decrease the amount of nicotine in subsequent purchases until they’re off the stuff altogether. 

There are also people who take up vaping because there are devices that come with a lot more nicotine than they can get with cigarettes. 

People have used vaping to quit cigarettes in the past, and it seems to be more effective than using other methods.  

Isn’t Vaping Dangerous? 

Vaping doesn’t come without risks, especially if you vape with nicotine, but the truth is that isn’t as dangerous as smoking. 

Early marketing centered around the fact that vapes don’t contain anywhere near the same amount of chemicals and toxins found in cigarettes.

Additionally, most of the danger of vaping comes from using it in conjunction with nicotine, or from dirty coils that vaporize harmful chemicals. 

in the past, there have been concerns about diacetyl in vaporizers and worries that it could cause popcorn lung. 

The long term effects of vaping are unknown, though it isn’t likely to be as bad as cigarette smoking. 

Even if vaping is dangerous, that doesn’t seem to be stopping consumers. Vape industry growth is on the rise in the U.S and only seems to be increasing.

This isn’t completely surprising since people also do illicit drugs knowing full well that it’s dangerous. However, the vaping industry growth is more of a grey area. 

Vaping is marketed as a safe alternative to cigarettes, and people have used vaping to quit smoking in the past.

The long term effects remain to be seen, but it seems unlikely that anything could rival cigarettes in terms of the damage they can do to the lungs. 

Isn’t Vaping Really Complicated?

The complexity of vaping varies. If you’re a long time vaping veteran, building your own vaping device and tuning it to your exact preferences can be difficult. 

But for new vapers, it could not be more simple. One of the primary reasons vaping is growing so much in popularity is because of pod mods.

Pod mods are vaping devices that are smaller than traditional vapes and are easy to use and replace. One brand of pod mod, the Juul, has skyrocketed to popularity. 

This is because Juuls have a simplistic design, charge quickly, and are discreet. Juuls also use nicotine salts, which are designed to deliver as much nicotine to a person’s system as possible. 

However, Juuls are not the only pod mods available. There’s also the Suorin Air, which is just as discreet as the Juul, as it looks like a small phone case from a distance. 

Being a pod mod, it can also vaporize nicotine salts like the Juul does, and has similar battery life. However, Suorin Air is cheaper than the Juul but has a lot more flavor options than the Juul. 

Isn’t Vaping Expensive? 

If you only use pod mods, vaping can be a lot cheaper than cigarette smoking, which is another key reason for vaping industries growth. 

Buying a pack of cigarettes every day will cost a lot more than replacing a pod mod for $20-$40 every month.

And, depending on the pod mod you get, you might even get more nicotine into your system than you would with cigarettes. 

However, the vape industry doesn’t just rely on pod mods. Box mods are also a big moneymaker in the world of vaping. 

Although a box mod can cost anything from $100-$200, consumers get a lot of mileage out of them. Box mods are the traditional, modular vaping devices most people see. 

Their malleability allows users to recreate them into all different shapes and sizes, and they can be tailored to users specific preferences. This allows the vape industry to make money selling parts for these upgrades. 

A lot of vaping devices also have the problem of getting gunk on the heating coils, which detracts from the flavor, and is dangerous to the user. 

As a result, vapers have to buy replacement coils, or their vape will break. 

The vape industry also makes money selling e-liquids, which are the liquids vapers put into their device to inhale the vapor. 

E-liquids come in a variety of flavors, and some of them even contain CBD oil, which grants users a calming effect that reduces anxiety.

A lot of people suffer from anxiety and want a way to relieve themselves from it, so many people have turned to vaping CBD oil for immediate relief. 

Although with the rise of CBD oil’s popularity, there is a reason to be concerned if you’re getting actual CBD in your vape. Luckily, there are tests that can tell you if your CBD is real. 

Even Big Tobacco Wants In 

One of the biggest signs of the vaping industries growth is its relationship with tobacco companies. 

For example, the company Altria, which sells cigarettes has complained recently that regulations forcing them to sell cigarettes with less nicotine will cut into their profits. 

Altria also acquired a 35% stake in Juul, allowing them to have some of the profits of the vaping giant. 

The fact that big tobacco is now working to get in on the action of vaping speaks volumes. Even tobacco is seeing that vaping is the future of nicotine and are preparing for the vaping industry to overtake them. 

Vaping is Fun for The Whole World 

One of the biggest reasons vaping is so popular is not just because it’s practical, but because of how modular and varied the experience can be. 

Getting a box mod and fine-tuning it to create the mouthfeel and throat hit that suits you best is a fun and rewarding experience. 

The vaping industry is also much more than people talking about their favorite type of vaporizer. There are competitions and events that center around who can make the biggest or most stylish cloud of vapor. 

Vaping has also made life more tolerable for people with anxiety or similar disorders since they can just vape some CBD and make their problems go away for a little while. 

And they can do this while they taste all sorts of different flavors in their device. 

DIY enthusiasts can get in on the fun by modifying the vapes to look like and operate like all sorts of devices. 

So if you were wondering why people are so into vaping and how the industry took off like a rocket in such a short space of time, now you know. 

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