Vaping is an enjoyable approach to kicking the cigarette habit. Read this vaper’s guide on how to use a pod vape system.

Vaping is taking the country by storm, with over ten million people vaping in the U.S. Vaping offers a more varied experience than you can get by just smoking. 

If you’re new to vaping, or you want to use vaping to quit smoking, a pod vape system is definitely what you need. 

Pod vaping is great for beginners because they are the simplest way to vape. You still have access to different flavors of e-liquids, and it’s discreet. 

Your clothes aren’t going to smell bad, and vaping isn’t as bad for your teeth as cigarettes are.  

Even the most static vape mods are more variable than the boring range cigarettes offer. If there’s anything you don’t like about your pod mod, you can swap it out for a new one.  

This guide details what you can expect when vaping with a pod mod, so read carefully, and happy vaping! 

Knowing How A Pod Vape Works 

Pod vapes, also known as ultraportable systems, are small vape devices that take up less space than box mod vapes and require less maintenance. 

Pod mods are named pods because they don’t have tanks or atomizers as other mods do. They have small refillable or replaceable pods that contain an amount of e-liquid not usually exceeding 2mL. 

Aside from their smaller capacity, vape pods also have smaller batteries that range from 200mAH-1000mAH.

This means that their battery lives are much shorter than the battery lives on a vape pen and way shorter than a box mod’s battery life. 

On a more trivial note, you also won’t be participating in any cloud chasing contests with a pod mod. Cloud chasing is an event where vapers compete to see who can make the biggest, most stylish clouds. 

Pod mods aren’t capable of creating big impressive clouds. They’re much too small, and they don’t have sub-ohm tanks, which is necessary for creating the heat and energy required for huge clouds. 

What Can’t a Pod Vape Do?

A vape pod system is also limited in its range of flavors. This is because pod mods don’t have enough energy to properly vaporize a lot of flavored e-liquids. 

Flavored e-liquids tend to be made mostly out of vegetable glycerin, and pod mods can’t handle too much of that. 

That’s not to say there aren’t any flavored e-liquids for pod mods, it’s just that there aren’t as many as you’d find with a box mod. 

The reason box mods are so popular is because they do have sub ohm tanks. A box mod can heat up the contents of any e-liquid effectively, which results in a much more powerful flavor. 

Pod mods also aren’t good for vaporizing CBD oil, which is part of why vaping has been shot into the mainstream as hard as it is now. CBD oil is known for its wide range of health benefits, and can even help you fall asleep. 

Plus, vaping CBD oil is a great way to feel its effects as soon as possible, since vaping it directly into your lungs helps gets the CBD into your bloodstream fast. 

For the pet lovers out there, there’s even CBD for dogs and cats to treat their own animal anxieties. Just make sure to consult your vet before giving any to them.

If you’re looking for style, pod mods embody the phrase “What you see is what you get.” Vape pod systems are sleek, portable, and easy to use.

Taking them apart to add new features to them generally isn’t something you’d do with a pod mod. 

Advantages of Pod Vapes Over Box Mods 

Don’t let any of that discourage you from getting a pod mod though. Pod mods are designed with specific functions in mind. Choosing between a pod mod and a box mod is like choosing between a pickup truck and a sedan. 

Both have different uses and are better for different situations. 

One situation pod mods outclass a box vape is in price. Any vape pod is going to go from between $30-$50. A good box mod will most often cost you at least $100. 

Pod vapes are also a lot easier to take care of. As mentioned earlier, pod mods do not have sub ohm tanks. This means that you will not have to constantly clean the coils from the gunk that collects from burning at high temperatures. 

What’s more, that gunk that gets under box mod coils presents a significant health risk. The gunk can get heated up and the user can inhale harmful chemicals. 

So box mods require constant cleaning and attention, and the coils need to be replaced regularly. This is especially troublesome if you’re not the DIY type and don’t want to be opening up your device all the time. 

Pod mods are also draw activated, unlike box mods that require a button press before you can start inhaling any vapor. 

This makes box mods perfect for someone used to cigarettes since you can just pull out a pod mod and start puffing away. 

If You Love Nicotine, You’ll Love Pod Mods

The other big advantage of pod mods is their compatibility with nicotine salts. Nicotine salts and other e-liquids high in nicotine would not be vaporized well by something with a high power output like a sub ohm tank. 

However, something with lower milliamps like a vape pod is able to let users vape as much nicotine as they want, or more than from their favorite cigarette. 

In a twist of irony, many people use this feature to quit smoking cigarettes. By using the interchangeable refills, a user can gradually lower the dosage of nicotine until they no longer feel a craving for nicotine. 

Or, if you love nicotine, and just want to avoid getting cancer, pod mods have your back. You can increase the level of nicotine you get from your pod mod whenever you like. 

Unlike cigarettes, you have so much control over how you vape and what goes into your mod and into your body. 

The Best Pod Vape System For Newbies; JUUL

The JUUL is a revolution in vaping. With 200mAh and the most simplistic and portable design, the JUUL outclasses most pod mods on the market. 

Using a JUUl is as easy as it gets. All you need to do is plug it into your laptop and you’re off to the races. The JUUL also offers the perfect draw from every puff and lasts long enough to take you through the day. 

JUULs are also relatively cheap, so if you lose one, you can get another for as low as $25. They also come with e-liquids that mix great flavors with nicotine and nicotine salt. 

Once you use a JUUL you may never want to use another pod mod, box mod, or cigarette ever again. 

The low milliamps and discreet design make JUULs perfect for stealth vaping. If you need a moment away from the office or you need a hit of nicotine, you can reach for your JUUL and have nobody be any the wiser. 

When it comes to the best in pod vaping experiences, nothing even comes close to the JUUL. So pick up some JUUL pods today and find out about exactly what your life has been missing. 

The Fun Doesn’t Stop With a Pod Mod 

If any of what you just read sounds appealing to you, you should give get a pod vape system right now. 

They’re way cheaper than buying a new pack of cigarettes every day. And even if you don’t smoke, never have, and never intend to, there’s a wide variety of e-liquid flavors with no nicotine in them. 

The reason that there are so many e-liquids without nicotine is that it’s fun to vape, and e-liquid tastes and feels good.

But pod vaping is still a great place to start out. if you’re a big fan of cigarette smoking, but not so big a fan of lung cancer, you can have the same feeling as smoking by vaping with nicotine salts. 

And if you ever do decide to move on to vaping with a traditional box mod, there’s a whole range of exciting e-liquids that have CBD oil. And CBD oil is great for pain relief and getting rid of anxiety. 

To find out more about CBD oil and how it can treat your anxiety and just improve your life in general, check out our blog on the benefits of hemp oil.