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The Ultimate Move-In Checklist: What to Do Before You Move In

Moving into your new home is a big step, and that grace period where you have the keys but don’t yet have to move out is a huge opportunity that you must take advantage of. Without any furniture in the way, you can quickly update your home, but that’s not all. From aesthetic to practical steps, follow this move-in checklist to get your new home ready for you: 

1. Repaint the Walls 

Walls take a secret beating over the years, and then there’s the fact that you may just not like the color currently on the walls. If you can, try to get all the painting done before you move in. If you aren’t actually sure about the color scheme, prepping the walls with primer is a good step to take instead. 

2. Redo the Floors 

Floors are going to be the real hassle if you have already moved in. By getting carpet or hardwood specialists in beforehand, you can upgrade the floors and make a huge impact on the overall design of your new home fast.  

3. Check out the Plumbing 

If the water pressure is less than ideal, or if drains were blocked or just slow to drain, then now is the perfect time to tackle the issues your inspector laid out for you. Hire the best company for drain cleaning in St. Louis for your home to clear out all of your pipes and get your home ready for your arrival. If you need additional touch-ups, like water pressure or leaky taps, have them handle these problems before you arrive so you can enjoy stress-free bathing and washing from day one. 

4. Check out the Electricity 

Unless your inspector noted absolutely no issues with the electricity or wiring, you are going to want to bring someone in to fix any problems before you move in. If it’s an old home, this may even be a big job, like actually working to place the wiring behind the walls instead of sitting on top of them. 

5. Heating and Cooling 

The same applies to heating and cooling. Unless there is a perfectly find working central system in place, now is the perfect time to invest in a better solution than just old boilers. 

6. Attics and Basements 

Always go through and check the attic and basement before you move in for any left behind belongings or hidden secrets that perhaps the inspector missed. Check the state of the roof and foundations in particular, or if the inspector raised any red flags, get those issues fixed ASAP. Rooves can collapse, and foundational issues could bring a whole building down. Making minor fixes now can save you in the future. 

7. Deep Clean 

Just before you move in, consider hiring a cleaning service to go through and deep clean the entire space. Most families don’t pay for this when they move out, so a good deep clean is in order so you can enjoy your new home as you deserve.