Many people plan for vacations and other engagements well in advance, and it often includes careful research with custom writing service. One must get the general financial implication of such a travel including the transport mode, accommodation, etc. However, with the different unfolding situations such as the COVID-19 pandemic, travel advisories get issued and change constantly.

Most countries and even states are currently issuing travel advisories against certain states or countries, and therefore understanding every detail on travel becomes important before embarking on one. Otherwise, you can end up stranded, sent back prematurely, or turned away by customs, thereby hampering your trip. Further, safeguarding your health also becomes central to your travel decisions because of the possibility of getting infected. 

Risky Travel Modes

Shared Travel

All types of shared travel pose a significant risk to an individual while traveling during this COVID-19 health pandemic. It can include travel via airplanes, buses, or trains which means mingling with diverse people for a considering amount of time. The health risks also emanate from the amount of space individuals share, the type of air filtration system, cleaning protocols, and the type of individuals traveling. 

It’s difficult to separate the risk levels between traveling by bus, airplane, or train because of a mix of the various variables. An airline can have two airplanes with differing levels of health standards in terms of social distancing, cleanliness, mask adherence among others, despite applying similar measures and the same applies to trains and buses as well.  

The most contentious subject lies with air circulation with shared travel as you can do little with dictating the quality of air to breathe. Experts such as Lisa Lee, who is an epidemiologist mention proper air circulation where outside air mixes with the one in the cabin as the best in preventing disease spread and infection. Lee further suggests that the best option for traveling entails one that involves the least number of passengers and with a very short time duration. 


Cars offer a safer way to travel compared to shared transport, though with some level of risk when it comes to infection. It is especially safer when traveling with individuals from the same household. However, the risk of infection remains the same when you stop for bathroom breaks or gas. The risk level increases with the number of stops you make when it comes to car travel, as every time you stop and interact with other people, you expose yourself to the COVID-19 virus.

When driving or traveling by car, it’s important to consider the route of your trip and the states you probably have to pass through. In cases where you must pass through the virus hot spots, then your risk of infection also increases.  

Safest Way to Travel 

Staying at home

The best way to travel is not to travel at all and remaining at home. You can surf the internet from the comfort of your house couch and experience things virtually. Going out on real trips only increases your chances of infection and subsequent cross-infection of family members and loved ones. You can also satiate your appetite for travel by reading travel books, documentaries, or google earth. Staying at home doesn’t come across as ideal, but it helps protect one from the virus and prepare for future special and physical trips.


Boats offer a relatively safer way of travel due to the limited number of passengers and the large available deck where you can get fresh seaside air. However, boats are also vulnerable to contamination and you can get infected in as much as the risk remains low. Ensure that you take similar precautions such as social distancing, disinfection, face masks, and sanitization just as you would a car to minimize the risk of infection. 


It’s never an easy thing to travel during a pandemic, especially caused by an airborne virus. By careful examination of the different types of travel, their risks, and precautions to take, you can have a certain level of peace.