So here’s the scenario: one has a big event coming up, and they want their makeup to be a little bit more dramatic than usual. They want to stand out. They want people to be drawn to them. So what do they do? They try their first smokey eye. But that can be a little bit overwhelming, because other people’s smokey eyes look so perfect, and it’s got to be impossible to get their own to look that way, but it is possible. One just has to know what they’re doing, and here is a short guide to help one get started.

Here’s a brief rundown:  

First one is going to start with choosing a color, usually black, then three shades of that color. One shade should be light, one should be medium, and one should be dark. Dab the inside corner of one’s eyelid with the light shade, then middle with the medium shade, and the dark shade across the outer part. Make sure to blend. This should create the result that one is looking for, just remember–blending is key. It’s a lot easier than one would think that it is.

Here’s a step-by-step for those wanting more information.

1.) Choose the color.

While black is the most popular color, there are other colors that look good for a smokey eye. Does one want to go with classic black or do they want to try something unique and exciting? Brown is also a newly popular color to do a smokey eye in, for a more classy than dramatic look. Some people go for a more bold look by using green or orange or red or even blue or purple. The possibilities are pretty much endless when it comes to the color of the smokey eye so get creative.

2.) Get the right supplies.  

This one is as easy as it sounds. Just make sure that one has the right supplies to create a smokey eye such as the right type of brush. Most brushes will work just fine, just make sure that they’re clean.

3.) Apply one’s other makeup.

 The next step is to apply any other makeup such as foundation or highlighter as one is going to want to do their eye makeup last. If one is unsure what they are doing there are plenty of tutorials on the Internet to help one with what they need.

4.) Apply the eye makeup.

Apply the light shade of makeup first to the inner corner of the eye. Then blend the medium shade across the eyelid and with the light shade. Then on the outer corner of the eyelid blend the darker shade.

Remember that it might take a few times to get it to look the way that one wants it to. In this case, practice equals pretty. It’s okay if it takes a few times, and once one gets it, it should be easier for them to get it right the next time.