Do you want to get the most out of false eyelashes?

As a classy statement, flash lashes can take your look from 0-100. From a casual day in the office to a high-end photo shoot, they’re the perfect accessory. But, if you’re new to wearing them it can be hard to know how to get the best results.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for these tips on how to rock those false eyelashes every time.

Types of Lashes

While all will give a great look, there are different types of falsies to know about. It’ll all depend on what suits you more, so here are some of the most common ones:

Strip Lashes

This is the most common type that beginners look for. They come in different styles to get different looks and have a variety of materials. These include:

  • mink
  • velour
  • human hair
  • silk
  • plastic

The color and style would depend on your personal tastes, expected look, and budget. Luckily, there’s something for everyone.

Strip lashes are versatile, and you can trim them for a custom fit to your lash line. For most beginners, it’s going to take a few practice runs to get the hang of it though, so don’t trim off too much in one go.

If you don’t want to deal with the mess of eyelash glue, strip lashes have you covered. You can find easy-to-apply, reusable magnetic eyelashes for a flawless, mess-free finish.

Individual Flare Lashes

These lashes are most common for makeup artists. They’re applied individually, not all in one go like strip lashes. Flare lashes are perfect for filling in sparse areas or giving more fullness.

You can usually get them in 3 lengths. One of the big benefits is the control they give the applicant over the final look. If you want more volume, you can layer them for example. If you want to add a bit more drama, then add a few at the outer edges of your eye for a flared look.

Individual Single Lashes

Single lashes will most often be for eyelash extensions, and they’re more permanent. Strip and flare lashes are only temporary.
 You also have to have single lashes applied by a professional at a salon that specializes in them. There’s knowledge and experience needed to apply them right.

Like flare lashes, you can use them to give more depth, volume, and fullness, or fill spare areas. What you won’t need to do is apply them every day.

Finding the Right Ones

Everyone’s eyes are of different shapes and sizes. There isn’t a one size fits all policy here, and different styles will suit each individual more or less. You should start with your eye shape, and find something designed for it.


If you have prominent brow bones and large eyes set deeper into the skull this is your eye type. To make them look less deep, try to limit the amount of shadowing. Longer lashes would work here, with length, especially for the center lashes.


This is where the outer corner of your eye turns downwards. You’ll notice that you can’t draw a straight line across your eye as the outer corners dip below it. Shorter strip lashes would work best, with more length at the outer corner. This will lift your eyes and make them pop.


Hooded eyes have an extra skin layer that folds from the brow bone to the lash line. Due to this, it can make your eyes look smaller than they are. Open your eyes from the center and use long, fluttery lashes.


This eye type has a crease in the eyelid, and your iris will touch both your bottom and top lids. All types of lashes suit almond eyes, so you’re in luck. You get any look you want, depending on what your preference is.

For something more casual and natural, choose a natural set. Or you can go full length, volume, and drama with something more glamorous.

Top Tips on How to Apply False Eyelashes

When it comes to how to put on false eyelashes these tips will be invaluable.

1. Apply Makeup First

Make sure you’ve put on your face makeup first. This should include eyeshadow. Then get the lashes of your choice, natural or dramatic.

Use an eyelash curler to curl your own lashes, then put on a layer of mascara. This helps the falsies set and adds a little volume to start.

2. Have Patience

If you’re using eyelash glue, learn to wait 30-60 seconds after putting it on the lash strip. This sets the glue a little, making it stickier and less likely to slide out of place. It’s also less messy.

3. The Applicator is Your Friend

Unless you have the world’s steadiest hands, an applicator is a good idea. Using your hands alone can make it a lot more difficult, especially when you’re starting.

There are a variety of shapes and sizes for applicators, but get ready to shop around. You must get one that feels comfortable to use.

4. Get Your Sizing Right

Peel your lashes from the packaging with tweezers, starting at the outer edges. Measure each lash against your eye to get the right size, then trim it to length with scissors. They should start a few millimeters from your inner corner. They shouldn’t extend out further than the outer corner of your eye.

5. Shape Them

It’s common for false lashes to pop up at the corners. If you wrap the lashes around a makeup brush first, you’ll curve the lashes. This shapes them and helps them stay secured to your lash lines. It also gives a fuller look, making the lashes less stiff.

6. Finishing Touches

You should have already done the eyeshadow part of your eye makeup before you put the lashes on. With eyeliner fill the area between your lash lines and falsies.

Add eyeliner to the end of your eye in a flick to elongate your lashes. Add another layer of mascara for some more volume and you’re good to go!

False Eyelashes the Easy Way

So, there you have it! Now you know these tips for false eyelashes you’re sure to get the flawless finish of your dreams.

Make sure you pick the option that suits you best. If you’re wanting something more permanent, single lashes are a good choice. For something to add a little spark for a night out, strip lashes should do you. Match them to your eye shape, practice, and be patient.

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