When going out for a date, every person expects that things will end well, but this is not always the case. Sometimes, you might realize that this is not the person you want to date. It is possible to end a relatively new relationship or one that has lasted for many years.

No matter what the reasons are, telling someone that you cannot date anymore is one of the hardest things in life. But to avoid a fight, there are some excellent ways to go about this. Keep reading to learn more.

Break the News at the Right Time

Choosing the time to break the news is crucial. Some people choose to break the news in a restaurant or public place while others prefer a private location. If you anticipate some drama or violence from your partner, choose a place where you can get help. You can have a discreet friend sit near you in a restaurant just in case you need them.

Be Grateful for the Time You Spent Together

Even if things are not working well today, it is good to be grateful for what you shared before. Let the other person know that you have been grateful even if you are not going to be together anymore. If they are understanding enough, they will see where you are coming from and also reflect the good times that you have had together. If it is your first date, being grateful for the time is a sign of respect.

Do Not Beat Around the Bush

Although it is not easy, do not hesitate to break the news to your partner. According to the advice given by experts on https://www.happymatches.com/, a website that helps people to hook up, breaking up should be straightforward but done in a mature way. If both of you do it like adults, there should be no drama or violence.

Always give the other person the reasons that led to such a decision, especially if there is nothing to read between the lines. Surprisingly, enough reasons will be convincing, which is the first step to accepting the situation.

Wish Them Well

The last thing you want to do is wish the other person well. It is human to do so. Whether this has hit them as a surprise or everyone was prepared for it, wishing them well is critical. This shows that you have no hard feelings towards the entire ordeal – it is just that things could not work out between the two of you.

Do not openly decline the request to retain a friendship if the other person offers. Even when you know that this is the last time you want to see or speak to them, accept this offer.


As seen, telling someone that you do not want to date them anymore is hard, but with the above tips, it is possible. The idea is to end things in a mature way and to make sure that no one is hurt more than necessary.