Women who want to change up their looks often wear ear climbers to achieve this goal. People may choose to wear an ear climber as an individual piece or combine it with other jewelry. The key to doing so successfully lies in allowing the climber to shine. The other pieces need to take a backseat when they are worn together. How should a woman style this versatile piece?

What is an Ear Climber?

Ear climbers, often referred to as ear crawlers, are a form of pierced earrings. What makes this style different from others offered today is the earring travels up the earlobe. Women wear them as a pair or on their own. It’s a matter of personal choice. Many celebrities, including Meghan Markle, have been seen sporting this style, as the climbers go with everything from an elegant gown to jeans and a tee. It’s all a matter of the ear climber selected.

Why Wear Ear Climbers?

A lady may choose to invest in ear climbers for several reasons. For example, she may lose an earring from her favorite pair. She doesn’t want to throw the other earring out. Purchasing an ear climber allows her to continue wearing this earring. She simply pairs it with the lone earring and creates a unique look that others love.

Other females invest in ear climbers to balance their look. Ladies with a cropped hairstyle or a bob find the climber helps to show off the cut while providing this balance. The combination makes a statement without being overwhelming.

Choosing an Ear Climber

Before a woman can style an ear climber, she must choose one. Many women who are interested in buying jewelry go to pick out one piece and find they wish to purchase several. For example, they may pick out a cocktail ring and discover they need earrings to go with their new accessory. The key to choosing the right pieces is to determine which piece will take center state. A single, bold climber serves as a statement piece and pairs well with understated pieces.

However, a woman may wish to purchase a distinct ear climber, one that features a unique shape. When she does so, the climber becomes the focal point of the outfit and adds a new dimension to her look. Other women choose to purchase a climber that mimics the look of multiple piercings. They love the layered look but don’t want to put multiple holes in their ear. This type of earring ensures they don’t have to.

Installing an Ear Climber

When inserting an ear climber, thread the post through the hole in the ear. Once the post has been inserted, flip the climber up and place it in the desired position. When it is properly seated, the front of the climber and the post should grip the earlobe on either side. Gently pinch the two sides of the earring between the thumb and forefinger to ensure it is secured on the ear. While the climber should feel comfortable, it should never pinch the earlobe. If it does, the climber is too tight.

Styling an Ear Climber

Women find there are multiple ways to wear an ear climber. As a result, ladies need to spend time trying different looks to see which ones she loves.

Bella Hadid often wears a simple climber and pairs it with a stud in her upper cartilage. This provides balance while offering a stylish look woman are sure to love. Zendaya, in contrast, prefers elaborate climbers and wears them alone as a statement piece. She lets the crawler speak for itself. When a lady is unsure of whether she needs the added stud, it’s simple to add one and see how it looks. If the finished product is overwhelming, the stud can easily be removed.

Another way to wear ear climbers is to wear an ear climber on one ear and balance the look by placing a simple stud in the opposite ear. This asymmetrical look is a favorite of many, but make certain you choose two pieces that complement each other. For example, pair a sapphire stud and ear climber for a well-coordinated look.

If you choose to wear multiple earrings in the same ear, make certain they are spaced out. Jennifer Lawrence often uses this method when wearing an ear climber. She places the ear climber through the hole in the earlobe and adds two additional pieces of jewelry further up her ear, ensuring she doesn’t crowd them in the process.

Women who love tops with high necks, such as a turtleneck, will want to invest in ear climbers. This neckline draws attention to the lower part of the face. When the eyes reach the chin, the person notices the ear climber. Simple ear climbers in either gold or silver look amazing when paired with a turtleneck sweater in a dark color. However, they also work with a range of other outfits, so try different combinations to discover the ones you love.

Multiple Piercings

Multiple piercings have become commonplace in recent years. In fact, some celebrities hold ear parties, where a piercing specialist comes to their home to pierce ears for multiple people. Constellation piercings have become more popular as well, with certain celebrities choosing to have multiple piercings in a sporadic pattern rather than a symmetrical one. The ideas are endless, and people find they need items to fill the holes created by these piercings. Ear climbers serve as excellent accessories for these individuals.

Ear climbers serve as only one piece of jewelry women should consider purchasing. With many new styles coming out, ladies are ready to update their wardrobes. They have been spending more time at home and this task may have been put off. Now is the time to learn what is available and pick up some new pieces.

When doing so, consider purchasing a choker to wear with the ear climber or pick up a fun new set of earrings for days when the climber is left at home. With so many options offered today, every woman will find numerous pieces she loves and wants to own.