Not all homes come equipped with lots of space. That’s why our great range of space saving radiators are here to keep you comfortable and your home uncrowded.

Homes are becoming ever more crowded with appliances, clothes and smaller living spaces. Whilst it is often the case in homes that radiators are “felt” but not seen, the subtle and slight models can really work wonders in an overcrowded living space. In the modern radiator world, there are an almost infinite number of designs to choose from, and with design flexibility, comes space saving potential.

This blog will mainly focus on radiators which are suited to the bedroom. With many appliances and accessories being used in the bedroom, it is often difficult to fit a radiator into the build up of wardrobes, desks and lampshades, but with our range of space saving radiators, they’ll fit right in with no fuss at all.

Reina Neva Single Vertical

The Reina Neva Vertical also comes in a horizontal form, but both are space saving strips of pure heat efficiency. With a range of finishes including anthracite, black and white, this striking model will take up little wall space with its 5 oval columns ensuring maximum BTU output.

Underfloor heating

For the ultimate in space saving for your bedroom, then underfloor heating could be the answer. Underfloor heating is not only incredibly efficient but gives an extra slice of luxury to your home. As heat rises from under your floorboards, you can expect radiant heat at its best, and comfortable home with ample space for your other necessary room elements. Coming in both electric and central heating powered systems, the installation process may be intrusive, but once complete, you’ll never regret it.

Kensington Single Flat Vertical

The Kensington Single Flat Vertical is a great value vertical column radiator made from four square flat columns, saving depth as well as width space. With a choice of black and white, this radiator is available in a double panel form as well, ensuring even better BTU outputs and retaining its slick and striking look.

DQ Tornado Horizontal

Another square column designed radiator, this horizontal model takes up little depth in your room due to it’s flat, wall hugging shape, and comes in a plethora of striking colours. This is the perfect radiator for those looking for an eye-catching design for their modern styled bedroom.

Carisa Nemo Aluminium Horizontal

The Carisa Nemo is an alluring aluminium radiator which breathes new life into the panel design radiator. With a range of polished anodized, black and white finishes available, this sleek heating unit is a quick to heat and high BTU radiator which will bring new life into any bedroom.

Carisa Quadro Aluminium Radiator

The Carisa Quadro is an aluminium made vertical radiator with a beautiful mirrored front, making it a multi-functional must for any space starved bedroom. If you’re looking to kill two birds with one stone, this radiator promises heat efficiency and maximum comfort, alongside a mirror front which brings more light into the room as well as reducing the need for another bedroom appliance purchase. Available in a beautiful textured white, this bright and breezy radiator exudes warmth and calm, giving you the perfect appliance to get ready in front of in the morning.