Snack food companies can draw customer attention and reduce the costs associated with presenting and distributing products by keeping up with the latest packaging trends. From flexible Mylar packaging to connected packaging solutions, here are the leading designs, materials and supplier options for producers of snack food products.

What is Mylar Packaging?

Mylar is a flexible polyester film made of stretched polyethylene terephthalate that is used to make stand up and lay-flat pouches. One of the prevailing trends in food product packaging involves environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging materials. Depending on the internal films used to protect contents, Mylar snack packages may qualify for Store Drop-Off recycling programs.

One of the best features of Mylar is that it can be printed on with polymer-based inks that are compostable and do not release hazardous air pollutants. The design printed on the outside of packaging and the selection of Mylar and recyclable internal films to keep contents fresh can prioritize sustainability and responsible disposal.

Best Snack Food Packaging for Your Business

The latest trends in snack food packaging point brands toward the right design features and materials for any product. Bulkier contents or consumables sold in larger quantities may be best displayed in custom printed stand up pouches. Items that have a slimmer profile and fit neatly inside a tray or box may be better suited for lay-flat pouches.

Flexible materials that are recyclable through in-store programs are a popular choice for either type of packaging. While Mylar is increasing in popularity, brands also have the option to choose post-consumer recyclable or compostable films. From the start of the supply cycle, choosing any flexible material for product packaging will use less material and require less fuel to transport materials and packaged products than rigid substances such as aluminum, glass or plastic.

Packaging Options From Trendsetting Suppliers

Beyond reducing waste, digitally printed flexible packaging provides other cutting edge benefits to snack food brands. Connected packaging enables producers to put Quick Response codes on packages that can be scanned at any point in the supply chain from production, distribution and shipping to purchase, consumption or disposal. Services that specialize in smart packaging can empower brands to add codes to verify authenticity, track products across a lifecycle or offer information or rewards to end consumers.

In addition to QR codes, digitally printed packages can attract the attention of customers by displaying high-definition, photo-quality graphics. Whether a brand chooses to print on stand up pouches, lay-flat packages or roll stock that will be finalized in a form-fill-seal machine, the numerous options for customization make it possible to create the perfect package for any snack food product.

Whether a brand prefers to package snacks in stand up or lay-flat pouches, there are more materials and designs to choose from than ever before. Snack food producers should seek out packaging that will be readily visible on store shelves and provide all of the information consumers need to make informed purchases. By following the latest trends in consumables packaging, any snack food company can make decisions that lead to customer satisfaction.