Emily Dickenson was a recluse who found companionship in a garden she grew in the Dickenson’s house, the Homestead. Every morning, she worked in her garden and drew inspirations for her poems from her burgeoning greens. You are probably wondering how a garden can serve as companion. Well, a beautiful garden does the magic. Here are some hacks on how to grow a beautiful indoors garden.

Start seeds in citrus peel  

Preferably an orange, cut it into two, make a hole in the middle using a spoon, poke a smaller hole in the bottom for drainage. Fill it with soil and plant your seeds in it, then water it. When the seedling is due for transplant, plant it directly in a planting pot with the citrus peel. The peel, like all dead things, will decompose and nourish the seed’s growth.

Use cooking water to fertilize plant

Now, here is another good use for your cooking water. Do not throw away water used in boiling rice, vegetables and eggs. Keep it in an open container to cool the heat, then water your plants with it. The nutrients from the vegetables will help your plants grow very beautiful greens.

Use Epsom salt for transplanting

Epsom salt saves plants from transplant shock. When planting new plants or moving old ones into the dirt, make sure you add Epsom salt to the soil where you are re-planting it. You do not want your plants to die of heart attack.

Get a ladder plant stand

Buy a ladder plant stand, this usually does not cost much. It would help create more space in your garden for other budding plants. Where you have limited garden space, a ladder plant stand would be necessary to enable you grow more plants.

Use vinegar to kill weeds

Remember that bitter stuff Christ was given at Golgotha? Well, you can feed it to weed to hasten their death. Vinegar contains substance that kills weed easily.  So remember to get it when next you go shopping.

You’ll need a watering can

Buy a watering can or upcycle any used can at your disposal, maybe an old milk jug. Poke holes in the cap of the jug using a heated needle or nail. The holes should be big enough for easy flow of water. Use it in to water your lawn. Better than carrying about a long water host from your kitchen.

Use coffee filters to prevent water leaks

Line your planting pot with coffee filters. This keeps the drainage underneath clog-free and prevents the soil from leaking out after watering. It also helps the soil to stay moist during watering.

Now, like Emily Dickenson, you can sit in your garden every morning, take care of the rough edges, draw inspiration from the budding greens, and maybe even sip a cup of hot tea while at it.