Skill, spirit, confidence, and respect are a few things you can say about good sportsmanship. The joy and happiness the spectators get during a sports event are inevitable, and sometimes you can never explain this feeling. Racket sports is not strange to most people.

Rackets sports mostly involve players hitting a ball back and forth with a racket. The racket, however, is usually a network of cords knotted inside a circular frame (open hoop) with a handle. Of course, you must have heard about tennis and badminton. These are two popular sports that happen to be under this category and use a racket in their gameplay.

This article has a list of racket sports around the world and what they entail.

1.    Badminton

Egypt and ancient Greece are the regions that came up with badminton and the British Army stationed there, brought the sport to the UK and became popular since then. A badminton match can be played by one (singles) or two (doubles) players on each side. The equipment you require to play is a badminton racket and a shuttlecock.

Badminton has two formats of play;

  1. A classic match – The players are supposed to play three games per match, and a team has to earn a total of 15 points to win.
  2. New rally point format – Any player or team who wins a rally gets a point. You have to score 21 points to win the game.

2.    Lawn Tennis

Tennis is a popular sport played all around the world. Players hit a felt-covered rubber ball with a racquet over a net into the other opponent’s court. Tennis originates from, but lawn tennis has its roots from Birmingham, England.

3.    Paddle tennis

Also derived from tennis, paddle tennis is about 100 years old and was formerly developed by Frank Peer Bea, an Episcopal minister from lower Manhattan. Paddle tennis court is relatively smaller with a lower net. Players use a solid paddle rather than a stringed racket. The paddle tennis ball is depressurized to limit the bouncing of the ball.

4.    Squash

Squash is an indoor racket sport played in an enclosed court. Squash originates from the UK, and almost all countries globally play this sport. It uses a rectangular-shaped court split into equal parts, the front, and the rear. The rear is again split into two boxes, and each box has sub-section marked as the service area. All these markings are only relevant when serving but insignificant during the gameplay.

Players serve the ball while in the service box section, and the ball has to hit in between the top and the middle markings on the front wall and fall back to the rear box. From there, players hit the ball in an alternate sequence. A squash match consists of five sets of 11 points each. A player is awarded points if the opponent fails to return the ball due to a violation of the rules.


Racket sports has grown in popularity for quite some time. Most people get confused about the various rules that make up each game. However, the first skill you have to learn is the different techniques of hitting the ball with a racket. Anything else will just involve you doing practice regularly, and in no time you will be a pro.