Car accident can be a traumatic experience to you and your loved ones. It can be very stressful especially if you are not financially prepared for it. Rosengard Law shares good insights on the impact of car accidents and what you need to do to protect your rights and get the maximum compensation you deserve.

Millions of drivers are affected by car accident injuries every year. The type of injury suffered is dependent on the severity of the accident.

There you are, just driving down the road, listening to tunes and enjoying your beautiful day. Then, BAM, out of nowhere, someone runs into your car. 

Depending on the speed and direction of the other car, there are several types of injuries you could now face. 

Learning more about them now can help you decide your next step if this unfortunate situation happens to you.

So what are the most common car accident injuries? Let’s talk about 10 of them right now!


Whiplash is the name given for injuries to the tendons, muscles, and ligaments in the upper back and neck. While sitting in your car, you are not really moving, but when another vehicle slams into your car, your body is thrown suddenly in all different directions. 

The trauma of that movement can cause tears and strains to the muscles without actually breaking any bones. It is still a very painful experience and may take time to heal. 

Head Injuries

A more severe injury than just whiplash is when your head is thrown into the side window or even the steering wheel or dashboard. 

Some head injuries are minor with just some lacerations or bruising. However, other bumps to the head can cause unconsciousness. A traumatic brain injury can occur, and this type of car accident injury can have long term effects.  

A quick and thorough diagnosis for any head injury is crucial to avoid problems further down the road. 

Cuts and Scrapes

There are many ways you can get cut during an accident. Flying glass can cut you. Loose items in the car, like a cellphone, water bottle, books, etc, can be flung around and strike you. 

These may be minor and can be bandaged, but you should always check to make sure the wound is cleaned and bandaged properly.  

Soft Tissue Car Accident Injuries

In addition to whiplash, other soft tissue injuries can happen in an accident. The lower back and spine can easily be bruised. 

Serious back injuries can stay with a person for years after an accident, causing pain and difficulty in moving. 

Certain injuries do not immediately show up at the scene. Some are not noticed until days after the accident. If you are involved in an accident, you should always seek medical treatment to determine if you are hurt. 

If you do sustain injuries, and you are not at fault, you will need to find an attorney to make sure you receive the protection and compensation that you deserve.

Broken Ribs

It takes very little impact to break ribs. What may seem like a minor accident could actually result in cracked or broken ribs. 

This type of injury is extremely painful and there is a lengthy recovery period. 

Chest Injuries

You can bruise your chest by slamming into the steering wheel. However, you can also sustain internal injuries depending on the position of the steering wheel and how hard the impact was. 

Even the seat belt can cause damage to the chest if the crash suddenly throws your body against it. 


There is always the chance of burn injuries during a car accident. 

Burns are extremely painful, and the recovery time is often extensive, especially if skin grafts are required. 

Knee and Leg Damage

It is very common to sustain knee and leg damage in an accident. There is very little leg room in a car and they are often slammed into the dashboard. 

You could also be a passenger in the back and be thrown into the seat in front of you, or have your legs pushed into the side door. 

Bleeding Internally

After a crash, it is possible to also suffer from internal bleeding. The impact can move things around inside your body and cause you to start bleeding. Sometimes you don’t even know if it is happening. 

If you are in a serious accident, you should always be checked to rule out any type of bleeding on the inside. 


Last, but not least, post-traumatic stress disorder is a real possibility after an accident. Being involved in a crash can cause mental distress, nightmares, and anxiety. 

There is help available to help you overcome these fears and move past this awful experience. 

Be Aware

Being in an accident is never fun. There are so many ways you can suffer car accident injuries. 

Be aware of how you feel and what kind of impact your body sustained. Always seek medical attention to rule out internal injuries and make sure you are represented by a good attorney who will look after your best interests.