Spring is a time of rebirth. The leaves come back, the grass grows green, and the whole outside is bursting with life. Since summer is right around the corner, take this time of new beginnings to start any maintenance projects you’ve been putting off. You want your home to be used inside and out with the nicer weather, so take stock, and make a checklist that you can physically check off as you go. Making a physical list will hold you to your completion promises, no matter how wild your life gets. Some projects do take precedence over others.

Here is a list of the must-do maintenance tasks that will make your summer great.

Adult Swim

Swimming pools can require a lot of upkeep. You’ve got to make sure the pump is in good working condition and the lining stays pristine. Perhaps most importantly, you need some swimming pool fencing that keeps you and your loved ones safe from pool-related accidents. If you need to replace your fencing or if you don’t already have something surrounding your swimming area, consider using Pool Guard as your company of choice.

If you haven’t purchased a fence for your pool, because you don’t like the way it looks, Pool Guard can offer you alternatives, like pool nets and safety covers. All of their products are made of the highest quality material and the company is part of the Better Business Bureau. Pool Guard has maintained the highest rating that the Better Business Bureau can grant a company. Rest easy this summer knowing that your pool is as safe as possible.

A+ Appliances

Through the winter, while you’re staying home a little more than usual, you may find that your appliances have started to go on the fritz due to overuse or old age. Buying entirely new appliances can be really expensive, especially if multiple machines need attention. Instead of starting from scratch, or worse, trying to fix it yourself, call someone local to help you out.

Go online and search for “appliance repair in Honolulu” or wherever you’re living. Dishwashers, stoves, washers, and dryers that aren’t working properly aren’t just inconvenient; they can also create an unsafe environment, especially if it’s an electrical issue. Don’t wait any longer, crossing your fingers that your ice maker isn’t just a puddle of water, get someone in who can handle the job with ease.

Terraforming Outside of Animal Crossing

Now that you’ve spent the winter perfecting your Animal Crossing island, it’s time to terraform for real in your own yard. It’s important to maintain your yard every year. Get outside and pull those weeds. If you’ve wanted to create a beautiful patio to sit on during the summer evenings, now is the time to act, before it’s too hot outside to work.

Planting flowers around your property will boost your curbside appeal, much like how planting flowers brings KK Slider to your island. Get creative by winding stone paths through beautiful, natural prairie grass and wildflowers that you plant. Work with the land you own. You might be surprised by how stunning your land’s natural beauty is with just a little help from you.

Up On the Rooftop

Nothing is worse than a leaky roof. Before the spring rains come through, make sure someone has inspected your roof and fixed any damage that may have occurred in the snowy months. Your shingles are the first line of defense when it comes to weather that’s less than ideal.

Being proactive about your roof can prevent structural damage from leaks. The sun can really damage your shingles by making them deteriorate from the inside out. Make sure you’re fixing damaged spots with quality asphalt shingles. They’ll last longer, preventing you from needing to get back up on your roof next year.