Celebrities are at once visible to the public and still the subject of great speculation. What we know about their lives tends to amount to what we know about their career (whether it’s in entertainment, fashion, or sports), and then we have what they show the public on social media.

One of the most rewarding experiences for a fan is to see two different celebrities they follow strike up a friendship. The more unexpected, the better.

Here are a few of our favorites. 

OBJ and Jarvis Landry

Those who don’t follow the NFL in any great capacity likely still know of Odell Beckham Jr., aka OBJ. He’s one of the greatest football-to-fashion crossovers since… well, the other Beckham. So far in his career, he’s turned heads for his performances with his team the Cleveland Browns—but so does his best pal and fellow wide receiver Jarvis Landry.

At the moment, the Browns will need both wide receivers to be in top shape. Ideally, Landry and OBJ can push one another to perform in top condition on the field to improve the Browns odds. At the moment, sites that offer NFL betting odds week by week are focused on other teams in their division, like the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens.

However, should things not work out on the football field, then the pair have a future in fashion. Ever since OBJ wore a kilt to the Met Gala last year, he’s garnered the interest of more than a few top brands, from Thom Browne to Nike. Meanwhile, Landry isn’t doing too shabby himself. He recently completed a campaign with H&M, curating a fall wardrobe selection.


Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart

It began in 2008 when Snoop Dogg went on The Martha Stewart Show and struck up the unlikely and beloved friendship with the homemaker. Not only did the two bridge the seemingly incompatible world of home decor and gangster rap, but they did it while making comfort food together.

Eight years later, the two had their own cooking show on VH1 titled Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party. On the hit show, they undertook all types of cooking challenges like mulled wine and themed dinners with show titles like Taj Ma-Holler and Pasta La Vista, Baby!

After twelve years of friendship and witty banter related to baking, the pair is considered by many to be a national treasure. Their show on VH1 ended after its second season, but the friends have continued to make appearances in popular commercials. Most recently, Snoop Dogg began collaborating with Stewart’s Canopy products, creating his own line called Leafs.

Salmon & Quinoa

Russell Brand and Dame Helen Mirren

In 2011, Russell Brand and Helen Mirren met on the set of the Arthur remake. The two struck up a friendship over the course of filming… though friendship might not be the right word. From the outside looking in, the pair seemed to have a childlike camaraderie based on pranks.

Brand posted a photo of Mirren giving him a bath (strictly professional), then gifted her a pair of his underwear. While the critical reviews for Arthur didn’t look kindly on the comedic remake, it seems Brand and Mirren’s oddball friendship endeared many.

Mirren stepped forward to defend Brand’s strange behavior, describing him as a quintessentially misunderstood bad boy. For his part, Brand stepped forward to describe Mirren as ‘incredible’. Though many point to the pair as proof that opposites attract, the basis for their friendship is much simpler: both have a deep love and respect for comedy.

Cara Delevingne and Rihanna 

Cara Delevingne and Rihanna turned heads with their friendship. On the surface, the pair didn’t seem to have too much in common. Delevingne broke onto the scene as a waifish model with a quirky attitude, while Rihanna has been an American pop princess since she broke onto the scene with her first hit in 2005.

Once the two became friends, paparazzi and fans alike rejoiced. The pair were photographed attending basketball games, Halloween parties, fancy galas, private yachts, red carpets, and so on. Recently, Delevingne took to Instagram to celebrate Rihanna’s 30th birthday in 2018.

The model shared dozens of photos of the pair throughout the years, offering fans a sneak peek at a few of their behind-the-scenes adventures. Unlike a few other friendships on this list, this pair seems to keep their friendships behind closed doors.


Eminem and Elton John

In 2001, one of the Grammy’s top performances shocked the world when Elton John and Eminem came together to perform the rapper’s song ‘Stan’. At first, most thought the performance was a publicity stunt for Eminem, who would have benefitted greatly from an appearance with a flamboyant performer like Elton John.

A deeper dive showed that it was the rapper’s idea to bring on the global pop icon for the show. Rather than bringing on Elton John as a publicity stunt, the rapper was dedicated to performing a crossover hit between the genres with one of his most admired heroes.

The show was a hit with critics and fans alike. Not only did it show that a hip-hop artist could hold his town beside a critically and globally acclaimed artist, but it ultimately led to a lifelong friendship between the artists.

Eminem would eventually land in a wellness center a few years later and reach out to Elton John for help. Elton John was able to guide the star through a long process of improving his wellbeing, as John had also spent much time in the grueling music industry and could provide helpful advice. Since then, Elton John has gone on to praise Eminem’s talent, and Eminem continues to reach out to the star for insight.

In an interview published by Interview Magazine, Elton John closed off his phone conversation with Eminem, saying, “I’m so happy you exist in the world, and I’m just so proud of you. You’ve worked so hard on yourself, and no one deserves this more than you, Marshall, and I love you from a long way away, okay?”

We’re not crying, you’re crying.