Congratulations are in order. You’re almost done with school! Beat the stress that comes next with tips on how to get a job after college.

It’s becoming increasingly common that a college degree is a necessity to find a job. In fact, employers are now requiring higher levels of education for jobs than in previous generations.

If you’re nearing the end of your college degree, you might be worrying about the next steps. Fear not, we have the ultimate guide on how to stand out and get employed. Read on for our best tips on how to get a job after college.

Contacts and Networking

Once you’ve identified your chosen field of employment, it’s time to make some contacts. The phrase ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ still goes a long way today. You can have the shiniest LinkedIn profile, but personal connections can be the key.

Speak with friends, family, associates – let them know that you’re looking for opportunities. Ask them if they may know anyone who could be helpful to speak to.

You’d be surprised how many jobs are never formally advertised. You could be exactly what someone is looking for!

You might also consider attending networking events within your field. Introduce yourself at workshops, talks, and exhibitions. All are opportunities to put yourself in front of people who could be your future boss.

Hand Out Your Stand-Out Resume

Once you’ve made some contacts, you’re going to need to demonstrate your employability. Ensure that you use a modern resume template to showcase your many attributes.

Keep to a maximum of two sides of A4. Recruiters will have a lot of candidates to consider, so your application needs to be engaging and concise. Ask a professional friend or family member to check it over and suggest edits.

Now make sure you always have one on hand – you never know who you’ll meet!

How to Get a Job After College – Be Proactive

The majority of employers are going to be looking for someone who is dynamic and has initiative. No manager wants to have to give constant supervision. Show your proactive nature throughout the recruitment process.

A follow-up email after a job interview can be very powerful.  If you’ve heard nothing back – call up! The key is to be persistent but not pushy. 

Build Your Experience

The age-old issue with getting started on the career ladder is that many employers want a fresh, new graduate. With existing experience in the field…

How can you get experience if no-one is willing to give you the opportunity?! Consider whether you can gain experience in the field by volunteering or interning.

Of course, everyone has bills to pay. After spending years at college, you want to be paid for your time and knowledge! Spending your summer post-graduation in an internship or volunteer role could give you the edge over other applicants.

Some internship programs offer payment, and you could combine it with some travel abroad!

If you’re still at college, you might be able to find a position which will fit around studies. This experience will make you stand out and prove your commitment to your chosen career path.

Don’t Give Up

It may seem daunting to be facing the big wide world of employment after college. This guide on how to get a job after college is just the beginning. With these tips, you will be well on the way to being a stand-out candidate.

Don’t give up! With perseverance, you will find the right position for you. If you’re the more enterprising type, you might be considering starting your own business. If so, check out our guide to building a successful business.