Something terrifying happened to me when I was around the age of 30, which was that I began telling younger people that new music wasn’t as good as ‘X’ band or ‘X’ artist. I realized just how terrible these comments were and I quickly realized that it was because I had stopped listening to new music. My schoolfriend Menos Hiras picked up on this and thanks to him, I haven’t stopped being that stick-in-the-mud music fan, and have once again got back to listening to some brilliant new music. Here is how Menos managed to change my mind, and if you have fallen into the trap, here is how to get out.


As fans of Oasis when we were younger, Menos and I knew only too well about the accusations that they were ripping off The Beatles, stealing riffs from T-Rex and every other slur that they could think of, and we didn’t give a hoot, we loved the band. Menos reminded me of these people, about the people who must have thought that there’d never be anyone better than Elvis, or Michael Jackson or James Brown or Bowie. History has shown us that there are always great new bands, cool new music and platinum artists, and this is why we should never stop.


Another change which I had failed to adapt to, which Menos helped me to get around, was that my music sources as a youngster were magazines, radio shows and TV shows. These days the internet is king and we no longer have TV shows about the hit parade, radio shows are far more restricted than they used to be, at least the traditional radio shows are, and magazines were no longer in heavy circulation. Menos was able to point me to some great online resources such as Soundcloud, Mixcloud and others, where I could discover new music for myself, just like we used to.


When we were at school music was everything and each day we would talk about a certain artist or band’s new record, something which as we get older, many of us just stop doing. Menos asked me when was the last time that I had a chat with someone about new music, and the truth was that I had absolutely no idea. This really struck a chord with me -no pun intended – and I started thinking that my life was more busy now than before, as well as many more vacuous excuses. Once I realized that it was me who had stopped bringing up the subject of music with friends, or closing my ears, so to speak, when people brought up the topic of new music, I began to change the way in which I approached it. In truth I have now made stronger bonds with some friends as a result of my listening to new music, and my desire to talk about it.

Try not to fall into the trap like I did, it is very easy to do.