We have gathered the most amazing log cabin decor ideas that you need to try in 2019! While you live in solitude, you might as well be living in style!

Sometimes, we all have days when we want to run away and hide in a cabin in the woods forever. The peace and quiet, the natural beauty all around, and the joy of living on your own schedule can all seem very appealing. If you’re looking to make this dream a reality, you may be wondering how to decorate your new reclusive cabin home.

Whether you prefer a more elegant natural look or you want to lean into the rustic aesthetic, there are a ton of ways to decorate your log cabin. Read on to find some awesome cabin ideas.

Shelves of Found Objects

One of the joys of living off the grid is living an unexpected, interesting life, and your home should reflect that. A lot of times, living outside the bounds of normal society can turn up interesting artifacts. You can set these up as a wonderful display in your reclusive cabin.

Set up some shelves and arrange any interesting artifacts you have around the house. If you collect something interesting – bottle openers, old license plates, or bird feathers, for instance – you can display that collection. Try to choose a display style that will complement your collection.

Contrasting Materials

A lot of time, cabins way back in the woods tend to have rather monochromatic decorating schemes. There’s a lot of rough-cut wood everywhere, and that design aesthetic can be great. But adding a little contrast to your living space can make everything look that much better.

Find some places in your living space to add sleek, modern accents that contrast with your rustic wood style. This could be marble countertops or a stainless-steel refrigerator. In the living room, consider adding glass end tables or a plasma screen TV (because just because you’re living off the grid doesn’t mean you have to live like a caveman). 

Built-In Bunk Beds

We all love a good built-in, and bunk beds feel like they belong in a reclusive log cabin in the woods. So why not combine the two and create cozy built-in bunk beds? The concept can be easier than you think to do, and you might get some extra closet space out of it.

Find a corner in a bedroom that has some extra space where you’d like to put in bunk beds. Frame up a rough wall to go around the beds, leaving space for the beds and a ladder (and don’t forget to leave enough room over the top bed that the person can sit up without hitting their head). Any space left at the ends of the bed can be turned into a closet space, and you can make the walls out of rough-cut boards.

Light Wood

Oftentimes, the décor in log cabins can start to feel a little heavy. Dark wood everywhere makes spaces feel smaller, and while the rustic look can be good, sometimes it can get suffocating. The perfect way to break this up and bring some airiness into your space is with light wood.

Whether you make most of the wood surfaces in your cabin out of light wood or just use some accents, light wood can open up your space. Try putting light wood accents around, or even creating an entire light wood accent walls. You can also make your cabinets out of lighter woods to help open up your kitchen.

Natural Staircase

A good staircase can be a wonderful accent piece in a house, and in a reclusive log cabin, you want a staircase that fits your decorating style. Using half-logs or rough-cut timbers can make for a beautiful staircase. If you want to bring some modernity into your aesthetic, you could even make it a floating staircase.

If you plan on replacing your staircase, don’t try to do it on your own. There’s a lot more that goes into a staircase than meets the eye, and you want to make sure yours is both beautiful and structurally sound. Talk to an architect about how to get the look you want without sacrificing any structural integrity.

Bold Accents

Another way to break up some of the monotony of typical log cabin décor is to add some bright accent colors. Pick a bold color you like and find different ways to incorporate it in your interior design. It’s best if you use the same accent color throughout the house to create unity.

Try getting accent pillows and throws in your contrasting color. Hang art that uses the color, and maybe get a bedspread in that color. You can even paint an accent wall in your color if you like.

Live-Edge Counters

Wood construction can be beautiful, but if you really want to bring the elegance of nature inside, there are few better ways to do that than by using live-edge materials. Live-edge boards have the rough bark edge of the original tree still intact, rather than sawed or planed off to an even surface. Sometimes these may still have the bark intact, or it may have been removed.

Live-edge wood has become popular as a material for countertops of various types. Bathroom, kitchen, and island countertops can incorporate live edge wood for a gorgeous natural glow. You may even be able to find a live-edge dining table or coffee table.

Barn Doors

Barn doors can be a wonderful rustic addition to your home in the woods. These large doors are often hung on rollers and slide back and forth, and if you have the space to do so, this can be a gorgeous option. But you can incorporate barn doors even if you don’t have the space to hang them.

Using barn-style kitchen cabinet doors can be a fun way to bring this aesthetic into your home without using a ton of space. Or you can hang a barn door on the wall as a pure décor piece. You could even use them as bathroom or shower doors depending on the setup of your home.

Statement Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can be a great way to make a statement in your home without spending an arm and a leg. There are tons of options to help customize your space, no matter what your aesthetic is. From country chic to the backwoods hunting cabin, your light fixtures can set the scene for your space.

Chandeliers, in particular, make for amazing lighting options if you have the space to hang them. You can get everything from gemstone-encrusted lights to chandeliers made from antlers. You can also find smaller light fixtures that suit the style you’re looking for.

Stone Accent Walls

Accent walls are the same as the game when it comes up to breaking up decorative monotony. These are smaller walls that you paint a different color or cover with a different material to provide some contrast in the room. In a reclusive cabin, having an accent wall made out of stone can be a great decorating option.

Using large stones in your cabin creates a mountainous, almost serene atmosphere. You get the best effect for this decorating style with large stones and a neutral color grout. If you’re not sure what wall to do this on, the wall where your fireplace is can be a great idea (more on that later).


You can’t have a cozy evening in your reclusive log cabin without a fireplace. You should have at least one in your cabin, and if you do, try to highlight it from a design perspective. Make it the centerpiece of your living space, and make sure to keep it in good condition.

If your cabin doesn’t have a fireplace and you don’t want to build one, you have a few other options. If you’re just looking to heat your home, you may want to find a diesel generator for sale. But if you want to get that fireplace aesthetic, consider installing a fire pit on the deck or in the back yard.

Wooden Furniture

Of course, with the log cabin décor aesthetic comes the wooden furniture. This is a great way to embrace the rustic décor theme, and this furniture tends to be very solidly built. There are a variety of styles you can get that fall into the wooden furniture milieu, so you can find something that suits your preferences.

Most classically, you have the whole-log furniture style, which may echo your cabin’s interior design nicely. But if you want something a little more elegant, you can find nature-inspired wooden furniture with beautiful lines. If you’re trying to strike a balance between the two, look for some rough-hewn-style furniture.

Get Awesome Cabin Ideas

Decorating your reclusive cabin is a matter of what effect you want to create. Whether you’re looking for a light, airy retreat or a cozy, warm cabin, you can create a beautiful home for yourself. What cabin ideas will you use to decorate your new space?

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