Working abroad has its perks: new culture, travel, and possibly more money. But which are the best countries for expats? Click here to find out.

The online world has made it easier than ever to work away from home. Greater connectivity has created more opportunities to travel and grow wherever the wind may take you. 

But is there a best place to go? If you’re considering working outside your home country, you may be contemplating the best place to go. Where has the best opportunities? The best living situation?  It can be hard to determine.

There are a number of countries that can be a wonderful home for working travelers. But there are a few that stand out from the crowd. Read on, and we’ll walk you through five of the best countries for expats.  

1. Switzerland

Switzerland is often compared favorably to the United States. It’s structured similarly to the American country, with a grouping of 26 states and local governments for each. 

The average income for Switzerland employees is quite good, with the equivalent being about $62,000 in American dollars. And that’s not to mention the absolutely breathtaking scenery: mountains dot much of the Swedish countryside, with some peaks as high as 13,000 feet. 

If you’re a fan of hiking, Switzerland can be an amazing place to live and work. The tourism industry is quite huge in the country and can provide ample job opportunities for those looking for work. 

2. Iceland

Another amazing country to work out of is Iceland. The country itself is quite small. It’s barely larger than the state of Kentucky. And yet life here can be quite wonderful and quaint. 

The population of the country is sparse, giving inhabitants plenty of room to stretch out and enjoy their surroundings. The entire country’s population is under one million inhabitants. 

Geothermal power is a huge industry in Iceland, as well as tourism and fish processing. And out of all the countries in the world, Iceland was ranked #1 in terms of healthcare by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. We all value our health. That makes this standing a huge incentive for employees from all over the world. 

3. The Netherlands 

If you’re looking for somewhere with a bit more people, you might want to consider The Netherlands. It’s one of the most densely populated regions of Europe, with over 17 million people spread out over a generally small amount of land. 

Though the official language of the region is Dutch, about 90 percent of the population speaks English. This makes it a great place for American expats. There are a number of Amsterdam startup jobs that can be quite enticing to travelers seeking employment.  

The Netherlands also ranks very high in terms of their healthcare. They are #3 on a list of 195 countries. They have a slightly lower average salary than some countries listed, but also boast a very low unemployment rate. 

The Best Countries For Expats

It can be hard to narrow down where to look when you’re looking for employment abroad. The above countries are our personal recommendations for some of the best countries for expats to work. 

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