Honestly, what’s not to admire about Latrice Royal? She’s fabulous, she’s talented, and she was even voted Miss Congeniality during Ru Paul’s Drag Race. It’s not often that we see a plus-sized woman praised so openly in the media. But when we do witness it, it sure is a beautiful sight to see. (Not to mention inspiring.)

All plus-sized women should feel as large and in-charge as Latrice Royal. Here are five tips on gaining that confidence:

1. Take CBD Supplements

Confidence can stem from many sources. You can feel it after you get a raise at your job, or maybe it arrives when you achieve a personal goal. Often, confidence grows when you’ve done the inner work on yourself. When you are able to be calm, cool, and collected in your center core, you’re able to gain a more holistic sense of confidence.

CBD oil does wonders for calming anxious thoughts and behaviors. CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound found in the hemp plant; it’s also a natural remedy that has increased in popularity over the last few years. There are many companies that have produced CBD products, and one of the best is SeraLabs. SeraLabs is an organic CBD company that sells CBD products such as oils, supplements, gummies, creams, and serums. Their CBD eye serum is a huge hit with the best results; this eye serum not only reduces dark circles and fine lines, but it also offers a soothing sensation that is sure to relax you.

Your self-confidence can bloom and flourish after you’ve nurtured yourself. CBD products help keep you centered and balanced. In a world that profits off our insecurities, you should rest well knowing that this particular leaf extract is available to make life feel easy again.

2. Shop for Sexy Lingerie

Regardless of how you view your body type, you should always have the option to get all dressed up (or, dressed down) in some gorgeous lingerie. Whether it’s to please yourself or to impress a special person, it’s always nice to have lingerie ready for the occasion. Spicy Lingerie is a clothing line that caters exclusively to plus-size women. This plus size lingerie brand features a sizzling selection of plus size intimates, offered in a variety of colors and designs (such as floral lace). Spicy Lingerie offers an impressive selection of bras, panties, shapewear, swimwear, and other intimates There are always new arrivals, so your chance of finding something that will flatter your body is incredibly high! Visit Spicy Lingerie to purchase enticing plus size lingerie.

3. Indulge in Body-Positive Content

You are what you consume. Because we’re online all the time, it’s important to find positive platforms and outlets that embrace the beauty of all shapes and sizes. Consider engaging with these body-positive accounts to reinforce your confidence.

Here are a few brands and influencers to follow that features plus-size women:

  • Girlfriend Collective: This eco-friendly activewear line offers sizes all the way up to 6XL! Women of all sizes deserve to be comfortable while participating in physical activity. Also, this brand features several plus-size models in all of their campaigns.
  • the unplug collective: This platform is dedicated to deconstructing fat-phobia, desirability, and medical discrimination that Black women and non-binary people face. They are fighting against anti-body discrimination by using their space to provide physical and mental spaces to heal in.
  • @badfatblackgirl: Sesali leads a variety of media platforms, all while showing up as herself unapologetically. She’s a force to be reckoned with and an even bigger inspiration.

4. Recite Mantras Daily

A mantra is a phrase or word that you say to yourself as a form of meditation. Sometimes, the only person you need to listen to is yourself; mantras are a great way to remind yourself of your incredible worth. Saying something as simple as a powerful daily mantra can make a drastic change in your confidence.

Here are a few starter mantras you can try (before you create your own!):

“I am grateful for my body that carries me through life.”

“I admire my body’s strength, and I am committed to protecting it.”

“I love the skin I’m in. I’m honoring the skin I’m in.”

5. Stop the Comparison

We get it; it’s difficult. It’s hard not to compare your body type to others that you see in the media (especially on social media platforms such as Instagram). There’s an old saying that remains relevant even in modern times: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”

Your body demands (and deserves) your attention, care, and love. If you find yourself comparing your body to someone else’s, redirect that energy to focus on yourself. Nothing better deserves your attention.