More companies are investing in an outplacement service company, and here’s why. Outplacement is a service that is provided to your employees that have recently been terminated. It is the best way to ensure that your loyal employees aren’t left jobless when you are forced to make major layoffs.

Although there are plenty of outplacement agencies to choose from they are definitely not all high in quality. Your main focus as a company owner should be to find an outplacement program that has high success rates; the point of investing in outplacement is to get your terminated employees back into the workforce as quickly as possible.

When doing research on which outplacement company to hire you should always look for these key elements before making the investment for your loyal employees.

Comprehensive resume writing and cover letter support

Outplacement agencies are staffed with some of the best resume writers in the business of resume writing. When you invest in outplacement this should be the first priority; providing a quality resume is the first step in the job search process. Without a proper resume chances are you’ll never get called in for an interview and never be able to land a job (at least not one that you enjoy).

Coaching sessions on modern-day job searching

Sometimes you are forced to let go of an employee who has served as a loyal worker for decades. Unfortunately the people who have served the longest in your company often have the most difficult time finding another job. There is a reason for this; they have not had to engage in a job search in years and the process of job hunting has changed drastically.

No longer do you look in the classified section of the newspaper for job openings. Instead there are tons of resources available, such as job search engines like Indeed or Monster. If you’re unfamiliar with these and the tricks to using them it can be very difficult to get a call back no matter how many applications you complete.

An outplacement service will help with modern-day job searching and provide tips and tricks for using search engines like Indeed. This information is crucial especially for individuals who have not needed to perform a job search in recent years.

Coaching sessions for interview skills

Some individuals are better at interviewing than others. This does not necessarily mean they are more qualified, just that they have the charm and charisma necessary to woo the interviewer. If you lack interview skills it could prolong the job search process for months or even years. The top outplacement agencies offer one-on-one coaching sessions to help improve these skills and fully prepare your employees for their next interview.

These sessions can take a few different forms but try to invest in an agency that provides individual sessions rather than group ones. Some outplacement services even offer mock interview sessions where you are able to practice as if it is the real deal.