Ever wanted to know the lingo and prices behind weed measurements but were too afraid to ask? Consider this your ultimate primer to weed amounts!

By now, it’s safe to say that everyone is aware of the fact that weed is on the rise. It’s becoming legalized in more and more states throughout the country and as more states legalize it, it becomes more popular. The reason behind its popularity and climb to the top is its amazing benefits

With more people opting to use weed rather than prescriptions or over the counter medicines, you’ve probably considered it yourself. And why not? It’s worth giving it a shot and seeing how weed can help you.

With legalization still being fairly new, you may not be familiar with all the weed measurements or terms. It can be a bit embarrassing to walk into a dispensary and not know what anything means or how much to buy. Although there are always plenty of workers around to help out, we understand that you want to have some general knowledge before diving in. 

For everything you need to know about weed measurements but are too afraid to ask, continue reading below!

A Gram of Weed

When you walk into your local dispensary or browse through an online shop like Fern Valley Farms, the lowest amount of weed that you’ll probably be able to buy is a gram. In some cases, you may not be able to buy only one gram, but you may be able to buy sample packs of several different kinds of weed that each come in one gram. This amount is small and about the size of a coin.

However, it may be enough to last you a couple of smoking sessions, especially if you’re not a frequent smoker. One gram of weed should be enough for two small joints.

An Eighth (3.5 Grams)

An eighth is just enough weed to fill the bottom of a ziplock bag. And if you use it with conservation, it can last you around a week. Most people tend to buy their weed in eighths. 

Someone who smokes more often will most likely need to make a larger purchase. However, if you are someone who is a beginner smoker or someone who is wanting to try out a new strand, then an eighth is the perfect amount for you. A normal price range is $10 for every gram, but prices do vary depending on the type of strain and its quality. 

A Quarter (7 Grams)

When you hear a weed measurement referred to as a quarter, they’re talking about a quarter of an ounce or 7 grams. This is twice as much as an eighth and will last you around a couple of weeks depending on how much you smoke. The amount is about the size of an apple and because it’s a larger quantity, you may be able to buy it at a discounted price-per-gram. 

A Half (14 Grams)

A half is two quarters or 14 grams of weed. A person who smokes frequently and wants their weed to last them for a while may need to buy a half. No one wants to make multiple trips a month to the dispensary, so it’s easier for a heavy smoker to buy a large amount at one time. 

Because the quantity is much larger, you’ll most likely be able to buy it at an even better-discounted rate than when buying a quarter. 

An Ounce (28 Grams or 1/16 of a Pound)

Those who are looking to buy an ounce of weed are buying in bulk. The savings per-gram is much higher because of the large amount of weed. This much weed will last you a long time, and you save quite a bit by buying this size.

The price still depends on the type of strain and quality, but you can find an ounce for around $150. 

A Pound (448 Grams) 

Buying by the pound is something that you probably won’t need to do unless you’re a dispensary yourself! And in most states, an ounce is the largest amount that you can buy legally. A pound of weed is about the same size as a healthy watermelon.

Common Slang Terms for Measurements

Other than these normal measurements, there are some other ways that people may describe how much weed they have. Here are a few of the common slang terms for measurements of weed. 

A Nickel

A nickel is half a gram. A nickel of weed normally cost $5. Although, it’s not common for you to find a dispensary selling a nickel or “nick” as it is a very small amount of weed. 

This is enough for one joint. 

Dime Bag

A dime bag is equivalent to one gram. It’s another way of saying one gram and got its slang name from the small bag people would sell it in. As mentioned before, this is enough for two joints.

Dub Sack

A dub sack is $20 worth of weed. It’s simple: double the price and amount of a dime bag. 

Understanding Weed Measurements

Before you make your way into a dispensary for the first time, it’s important to understand weed measurements. Knowing the slang and actual terms for measurements will help you know how much weed to look for. Knowing your routine and how frequent of a smoker you are should help you determine how much to buy.

When all else fails, consider starting small and working your way up if desired. The staff at your local dispensary, for the most part, are always willing to help out as well. The staff can also give you advice on the best strain to meet your needs. For more posts that can help you lead a happier and healthier life, be sure to visit our health section today!