Are you ready to take the next step in your relationship? Wondering “is he going to propose?”. Here are 10 sign he’s going to get down on one knee soon.

If you don’t have a diamond yet, how could it be your best friend?

As the saying goes, a girl loves her sparkly jewelry, but you may want to ease off the veiled hints about a proposal. If he’s exhibiting weird signs, you may be wondering, “Is he going to propose?”

Here are 10 surefire signs he’s getting ready to pop the question soon.

1. He Got You Something Smaller

He could be leading up to a big proposal if he’s getting you other accessories without an occasion. Maybe he likes to shop and he thought of you when he walked by that watch, but he could also be buttering you up for the big night.

Sometimes romantic guys like to take their ladies out for a big night by getting them a new dress and renting a limo. Do those new accessories look like they coordinate? Maybe they’re all part of the ensemble he picked out for your proposal night.

2. He’s Nervous – Is He Going to Propose Tonight?

If your guy is nervous, chances are he’s acting strange and fidgeting a lot. Other signs of nervousness are sweating and nausea. So if he’s wiping his palms a lot or mopping his brow, maybe he’s perspiring a little extra this evening.

Or if he’s green around the gills and not eating much, you might be able to tell he feels a little sick. Feeling nervous is normal for someone who’s about to pop the question, so make sure you cut him a little slack. He may be putting pressure on himself, but if there’s anything you can do to help him feel better, put him at ease.

3. He’s Doing Wedding Planning

If he’s getting into the plans and getting excited for what’s to come, chances are the proposal is near. When he wants to have a job to do, the best thing is to give him one.

Most fiancees would give anything to have a man with an opinion on the wedding plans, so let him in. Let him be involved in the process, and ask for his ideas. You never know–he could surprise you with some awesome brainstorming sessions.

4. Ring Shopping

If you’ve been looking at engagement rings together for a while now, it’s a sure sign he’s getting ready to propose. And when you swing by your favorite jeweler next time you’re at the mall and your favorite ring is gone, don’t assume someone beat him to the punch.

Hopefully he’s the one who snatched it up, and your romantic proposal is right around the corner.

5. He’s Talking About A Big Trip

If your guy hasn’t seemed like the traveling type before but now he’s dreaming of a getaway for you two, he may be thinking of your honeymoon. Spending time away from everything is your reward after a wedding for all your hard work and the stress.

Let him dream, and encourage those ideas. He could be getting ready to propose and wanting to surprise you with a special trip.

6. He’s House Shopping

It’s nice to dream about your future together. But if he’s gotten more serious about looking for a home for the two of you, he could be getting ready to ask you to marry him.

Whether he’s planning the decor of his man cave or asking you for all your dreams and plans, embrace the thoughtfulness and wait for the big moment.

7. He’s Buddying Up to Your Buds

Does he seem a little closer with your best friend? Do they act more comfortable and share smiles that they never used to? He’s not cheating; he’s getting her help to plan the proposal.

Remember that he only wants to make the night as memorable as possible for you. It’s okay for him to enlist the help of those closest to you to ensure a perfect night of bliss.

Plus, if the two of you are going to spend forever together, then your best friend needs to like him. They’ll be seeing a lot of each other. Having a project they’re working on together will help them bond and set up a lifetime of you not having to run interference between them.

8. He’s Hiding His Phone

Don’t assume right away that he has something bad to hide. It’s possible he doesn’t want you to see a picture of the engagement ring he bought that he just texted to your sister.

Instead of being concerned that he’s secretive, be playful and let it go. You want to let him surprise you instead of shouting at him that he doesn’t trust you. 

9. He Notices Other Rings

Not only the ones in the shops you walk by. The ones on people’s fingers. If he’s making comments about diamonds on your friends’ hands, chance are he has engagement rings on the brain.

Don’t call him out on it. Let him surprise you, and use it as a great opportunity to drop hints about your favorite styles and settings. After all, sometimes guys need a little help.

10. He’s Spending Less Money

Guys who are suddenly on a budget won’t want you to know, but you may notice that he chooses thriftier options on your dates. Instead of that big steak, he might order a burger. Or if he packs a romantic picnic, maybe there’s more motivation to save money than be romantic (sad, but true).

If he just made a huge purchase like a diamond, his wallet may be feeling the strain. Take your cue from him and match his choices in price. Or you could offer to go dutch and pay for this one.

A Perfect Match

From concerns about the budget to making big plans, if your guy is acting weird, you may wonder, “Is he going to propose?” Take the changes in stride and let him know you’re relaxed and you trust him.

You want him to know he’s making the right choice, and a chill partner is much less nerve-wracking to pop the question to.

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